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Bird and the Body
Her and Him
Her and Him
Loblaws parking lot.
Stanley Park
Temporary Accommodation (Head 10).
Temporary Accommodation (Head 3).
Temporary Accommodation (Head 5).
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Patrick John Mills Paintings
1972: Patrick John Mills was born on November 4th in Saint Jerome, Quebec. He was the third child (two older sisters) of an John Henry Mills (Engineer) and his wife June Violo Mills (legal secretary).1975: Family moves out West to British Columbia and settles in Tsawwassen. Patrick spends his childhood and school years there.Twice in my life I have had to deal with a close family member's mental illness (when I was 9 and 25 years of age); this has had a tremendous impact on my life.1983: Father looses his job (recession). Parents separate. Few months later father moves back to Montreal to return to his pervious employment.1984: Patrick attends an all boys private catholic school. Spends summers with father in Montreal.1991: Graduates from Vancouver College. 1991: Patrick goes to Montreal to study at Concordia University (Engineering) for two years. 1993: In Spring Tara Bisset (friend in residence) introduces Patrick to painting and lends him her paintings and takes him to the Fine Arts building. Instantly Patrick loves painting. Patrick hides paintings from father in fear of his response.1993: July 13th father dies of a heart attack. Stops painting for two months. Decides to go return to Concordia in September to continue University in Child Psychology. Resumes painting and writing poetry. - For about a year I had great difficulty sleeping. My dreams were very intense.... I felt it was best to put my mattress on the floor for it was not uncommon to wake up in the middle of the room. I would spend many late nights painting.1994: Patrick works three jobs, full time student, painting a lot, starting up a small company called 'No Job... too Small'. Burn out... get mono. And flies back to Vancouver to be taken care by his mother. Recoveries and flies back to Montreal for summer job at Lac Marois Country Club. Sleeps in the bush in a tent behind City Hall for two weeks. A family called the Weigans (old friends of father) give Patrick a place to live for a month then moves back to his father and step mother's property for the rest of the summer. 1994: Submits 26-28 poems for contests in a two month period. Gets published in 13 books and receives several poetry awards. Stops submitting poems.1994: Meets Erika Vaillancourt. 1995 - 96: Takes a one year painting and a drawing class at Concordia University.1996: Travel to New Mexico to spend time with his sister Kathy for a summer. Has to leave due to intense stomach problems.1997: Completes degree and moves back to Vancouver to be with family. Gets a government job working with autistic adults. Lives with mother for two months. Things are not going well... decides to move out and live with sister Wendy and her two children (Tyler and Dylan). Leaves job after four months and live off of painting sales. 1997: Gallery in Montreal goes bankrupt. Goes to Germany with Erika to see Maria and Sieghard Gera (patrons). Erika returns to Vancouver to live with Patrick and sister's family for the summer. 1997: Erika goes to London to do her Master at Laban.1998: Sister Wendy asks Patrick to move out. Very good friend Mark Sherritt helps Patrick move to live in a communal live workspace on skid row (later finds out that he is living with three heroin addicts and a guy dying with aids). Murray Reichmuth (art agent) of Homer Arts Gallery starts showing Patrick's work. His sister Kathy finds him a job working construction. Several months later Patrick sells 14 paintings in three days and moves to London to be with Erika.1998: Walks into a hair salon in Covent Garden and asks owner Greg Konard if he could take a look at his paintings. Next day Greg Konard visits Patrick's home and purchases several paintings. Greg shows portfolio to Nick Serota (Director of the Tate Modern), and paintings to Jenny Stein (past director of Whitechapel), their comments are positive... in the next 3 1/2 months Patrick sells 38 works and has enough money to pay for wedding and furnish home.1999: January 15th. Patrick and Erika get married.2000: Marco Martins sponsors Patrick for a year (pays a years studio space and gives him £1500 towards materials). 2001: Patrick has a successful London exhibition on the King's Road and is able to purchase a property in East London. Peggy Gibson from Modern Artists Gallery starts showing Patrick's paintings. Peggy is extremely encouraging and Patrick starts focusing on writing poetry again.2001: Studio complex is up for redevelopment. Patrick starts painting outside in his backyard (continues to paint outside for 23 months). 2002: Patrick submits a few poems again. Is published in three more books and is awarded International Poet of Merit Award (Silver Award) from the International Society of Poets in Washington DC and is also awarded a Bronze Medallion for another contest.2003 - present: Augus Ritchie (Saint Martin's Vicor) provides free studio space in exchange for paintings. A small painting is premanently on display in Canning Town Parish Church, and a large painting is premanently on display in Saint Mary's Parish Church in Plaistow. (read more... click here)2003: Erika gave birth to our first child Isabelle Chantal Mills September 1st. 2004: Decided to sell our property in London and move back to Canada. Wanted Isabelle to be close to Erika's family. 2005: Purchased a propterty in Ottawa. The studio / work space does not have natural light. So Patrick starts painting outside.
1991-93 Concordia University, Engineering, Montreal 1993-96 Concordia University, B.A. Child Psychology, Montreal. Self taught as an artist
I have recieved many awards.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Do not accept commissions.
Single Exhibitions:
2001 - 06 Modern Artists Gallery (gallery artist), Oxon, England
2006 Christie's, London
2006 Ottawa Art Gallery, Canada
2006 Richelieu Centre, Ottawa, Canada
2006 Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
2004 - 05 Gallery One O Two, London, England
2005 Major's Art Festival, Ottawa
2005 Tulip Festival, Ottawa

2004 London Arts (Group Show), The Andrean Gallery - Cork Street London

2003 Modern Artists Gallery (Solo Show: 3rd June - 1st July 2003), Oxon

2003 The Artists Gallery, (Selected Paintings, Drawings, and Poems, London

2003 O2 Brasserie, Solo Show. July 15th - August 31st, London

2002 Willesden Gallery, Brent Artists Register - Poetry in the Picture, London

2002 Modern Artists Gallery (gallery artist), Oxon

2002 Modern Artists Gallery, Affordable Art Fair: Battersea Park, London

2002 Art,Co Contemporary Fine Arts, Leeds

2002 Pond Gallery, Clapham, London

2002 Thomas Halford Gallery, London

2002 Battersea Arts Centre, Paperleaf Arts Fair, London

2002 Homer Arts Gallery (gallery artist), Vancouver

2001 Modern Artists Gallery, Oxon

2001 ArtSource, 'A New Generation', Royal Common Wealth Society, London

2001 Tullo Warren Marshall, King’s Road, London

2001 Lendrum Fine Arts, Los Angeles

2001 Homer Arts Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2000 Tate Modern, two paintings rented out for French feature film, London

2000 ArtLink/Sotheby's, three paintings auctioned.

2000 Lendrum Fine Arts, Los Angeles

2000 Round House, Mint Club, London

2000 Imperial College, London

2000 Tullo Warren Marshall, King’s Road, London

2000 Homer Arts Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2000 International Abstract Artists, Deborah Waterson Gallery, London

2000 Artright, London

1999 The Royal Horticultural Halls, London

1999 ArtRight, London

1999 Homer Arts Gallery, Vancouver

1998 Metal Magic Gallery, Vancouver

1998 Homer Arts Gallery (permanent), Vancouver

1998 Open Art Gallery, Vancouver

1998 Dr. Maria-Theresa Gera Medical Clinic (permanent), Frankfurt

1998 Taf’s Café Gallery, Vancouver

1997 Place Montreal Trust Gallery, Montreal

1997 Dr. Maria-Theresa Medical Clinic, Frankfurt

1997 Michel Blais Gallery, Vancouver

1996 Montreal West City Hall, Montreal

1996 Place Montreal Trust Gallery, Montreal

1996 Montreal West City Hall, Montreal

1996 Dr. Maria-Theresa Medical Clinic, Frankfurt

1996 Place Montreal Trust Gallery, Montreal

1995 Janet Harris Studio, New Mexico

1995 500 Hours of Art, Belgo Building, Montreal

1995 Concordia University Visual Arts, Montreal

1994 October Show, Belgo Building, Montreal

1994 Concordia University Visual Arts, Montreal

1993 Expressions Framing, Montreal

1993 La Flouberg, Montreal


Canadian Oil Well Systems (COSCO), Edmonton

Shearman and Sterling, London

City Hall of Ottawa, purchased by Bob Chiarelli (Major of Ottawa)

Vanier Community Services Centre (Donated), Ottawa Canada.

Globe Centre (Donated), London, London

Concordia University Child Pyschology Department (Donated), Montreal

Great Bear Group, Hertfordshire

Church of England, London

Rathburn Tree Experts Inc., Vancouver

Dr. Maria Theresa Gera Medical Clinic, Frankfurt

Royal East London Hospital (Donated), London

Carngie Hall (Donated), Vancouver

Saint Mary's Church, East London

Place Montreal Trust Gallery, Montreal

Moulay Rachid (Prince of Morocco), Morocco

T.V.W., Engineering Ltd., Vancouver

Benedicts Resto Bar, Montreal

and numerous private collections.
Artist's Statement:
Patrick John Mills: I love painting. My style has been changing and going in new directions every time I paint. Sometimes I paint outside under the sky, next to the river, under a cloud, in the wind, under the moon, in a snow storm, even -38 degrees in the cold. I built a trailer unit that attaches to the back of my bike and I travel to different locations. Every experience is unique an challenging.When I paint in my palette gravitates inward to a more expressive intense expression.
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