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Chateau du Marquis de Sade #2
Cloitre St Remy de Provence
Poupées #2
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Patrick Bergougnoux Photography
Born in Souillac France in 1949. Went to California (Berkeley) at 20 years-old to studywith American hyperrealist painters. Discovered England ,studied English Pop art and engraving . Achieved several series of monoprints andpaintings. Return to France and, from 1975 to 2003, painted and exhibited in France,England, Germany. Moved to Los Angeles for a year (1992) had several personal and collective exhibition
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Artist's Statement:
Works of P. Bergougnoux oscillate between the various worlds of the image, painting and photography, the past and the present, reality and the memories. One is far from a photographic work which would aim to document reality. P. Bergougnoux chooses to preserve or obliterate additional details; the image then consists of photographic fragments and fragments which are due to the gesture of the painter. He works on the memory and the questioning of its representation in report/ratio with its former work of painter from whom it draws the bases of his current work of photographer. That they take as a starting point banal objects or random places, its photographs speak to us about stories, memories, emotions and lost feelings.
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