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2009 Untitled 11
2009 Untitled 13
2009 Untitled 9
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Olga Perry Paintings
Olga Perry is Internationally recognized artist with the highest awards in sculpture, painting and photography. The single mom in her 40's, Olga immigrated from Russia to US with two bags and about 50 English words in her vocabulary. Nevertheless, she made an amazing jump in creating her life long dream -- to be an artist.Olga got it all. Her art speaks for itself --- powerful fusion of brilliant intellect, logic of the scientist, unique vision, worldwide experience, unification of cultures and philosophies and Renaissance skills. Enormously prolific, Olga created a few thousand pieces of art in short period of time and in all possible media.
M.D., Ph.D.
2003- first prize on International Contemporary Juried Art competition "Metamorphosis". San Francisco, CA.

2003 - Director recognition,"Spirit of the Spring", Los Angeles, CA.

2004 - Award of Excellence, first prize on International Contemporary VI Juried competition, Lincoln NE.

2004 -CALADAN GALLERY. International Juried exhibition "Eclectica Directions in Visual Art"
Beverly, MA

2004, December, - Special Recognition. International Juried exhibition " Spiritual VII" Lincoln, NE

2004, October.
Artist of the month, Starving Artist Gallery.

2005, July.
Second place award. International juried art competition "Just Paint", Rome, Italy.

2005, October

2006, October
A winner of 1st Annual A Singular Creation Art Competition & Exhibition. The prize of lifetime gallery representation.
Selected Commissions/collections:
City of Monterey, Cannary Row
Single Exhibitions:
Sofanya's gallery, Big Sur, CA
Capelli Salon, Pacific Grove, CA
Stowitts Museum, Pacific Grove, CA
"Vanguard Gallery", Carmel, CA
"Sonyo Gallery", Denver, CO
"Voie de Vivre", Evergreen, CO
"Yuri's Art Gallery", Aurora, CO
"Period Gallery", Lincoln, NE
"Caladan Gallery:, Beverly, MA
"Shigi Enterprises", Nicosia, Cyprus
"Undino Gallery", Frankfurt, Germany
Artist's Statement:
I have been through dramatic career changes including classic piano, engeneering, medical school, medical doctor, OB/GYN, Ph.D., major of Russian Army, business owner. I moved to USA in 1995 with two bags, my eleven years old daughter and about 50 English words on my vocabulary. My life in the States has changed according to the speed at which I have learned English, including a baby-sitter, department store cashier, hostess, waitress, customer service, some computer programming and business college, a corporate manager and finally the vice president of a renewable energy corporation. At 46 I took my first drawing class, year later I was introduced to clay. Looks like it will be no more changes on my "profession" list. I found everything I need. Statement before the statement: I "quite not much agree" with the need to write the statement in a first place. It is easier to paint than answer on questions as: why do I paint :0) or why do I paint that or how long does it take or where do I get my ideas or what was I thinking about or --- this is my favourite!--- How did you become Olga Perry? ----well, Statement: We have one life to live and worse that could happened -- we die. Too bad! Before it happened we still have some time to do something. And it is better be fun! In my point of view, there is no meaning of life to get some prize or achieve some goal. There is no "thing" or person that can make us happy, except ourselves. I see the meaning as a process of being here. To this point, my art is not the goal, it is the product of my pleasure of "the being".
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