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Red Wine and a chemical Sunset
Trails Of Life 1.0
Tiger Eyes
In Silence
Into the Cold
Cold as Ice
Isolated Dreams in a modern Society
Shower Session
32 Degrees Nightmare
Out Of Office 01
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Nora Ness Photography
Mirrotica is a project between two extraordinary artists who find each other via the internet. Nora NESS who takes erotic sensual self portraits, and Sander Steins who is addicted to surreal digital modifications of erotic photographs.Without this medium we never would have been connected, what means our so very special and extraordinary surreal erotic art would have never been created.
We, Nora NESS and Sander Steins/VISUALCLASH, are autodidacts. We never studied art or photography, we learned by doing what we love to do. And we do this with great passion. Before we found out our passion for erotic art, and started our career as photo artists we both had totally different jobs. Nora has a Master Degree in Life Science and has been working as a scientist for years before she dedicated her passion erotic self portraits. Visualclash left high school to work. He had several jobs before he decided to dedicate his life to his passions: photography and digital art.
Single Exhibitions:
April 2007: Nora NESS - Selbst-Spiegelungen, Solo Exhibition at Kunstkeller Dresden, Germany

November 2007: Nora NESS - Solo Exhibition at Galleria Carini, San Giovannni Valdorno, Italy
Group Exhibitions:
Mai 2007: Nora NESS - Curve Pericolose, International Group Exhibition, Milan, Italy
Artist's Statement:
"Our images interpret emotions and this is the purity we love most about photography."Exactely this is what our erotic surreal photo art is showing, pure emotions and true erotic passion, combined with the dark things in our world, like environmental destruction, industrialisation, decadence, and all these crazy things our modern society has produced so far.
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