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Nicola Cairns Paintings
Nicola Cairns is an Edinburgh artist born in 1975. A talented artist from an early age, Nicola was encouraged to develop her natural apptitude for art by drawing and painting regularly for family, friends and local competitions. Focusing on art throughout school, Nicola developed her flair and decided to further her chosen vocation by attending college. She specialises in figurative work of detailed nudes, latin dancers and jazz and blues artists, which are becoming highly collectable. She currently has work on show in Liverpool, Paisley, and Edinburgh. She also has many works in private collections throughout the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Montreal and in The United States.
After leaving school she studied Illustration and Media Design at Edinburgh's Telford College completing the 3 year course. However, realising that was not the artistic direction she wished to go in she decided to persue painting and drawing as her chosen course.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Nicola also works as a commercial artist, and has undertaken large scale mural work in restaurants, nurseries and private residencies. This includes a series of paintings depicting the construction of The Forth Rail Bridge at 'The Rail Bridge' reataurant in South Queensferry.
Single Exhibitions:
The Jazz bar, Edinburgh - Dec 06
Group Exhibitions:
Past Exhibitions include permanent works in "The Society of European Artists" from 2001-2004. In 2001, Nicola's work was in The Clock House Gallery in Dundas Castle and the Artisan Gallery as part of the Edinburgh Festival Exhibition. 2003 saw Nicola's work exhibited at the Birmingham Art Fair, The Dublin Art Fair and the Manchester Art Fair. The Cannes Art Fair was the setting for 2004's collection. Since 2005, Nicola's work was shown in galleries in Liverpool, Paisley and Edinburgh with changing works.
Artist's Statement:
Nicola is also available for private commissions.
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