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Gayatri Mantr
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Neelesh Vede Paintings
Born on 27th June 1981 in a family with middle class background. From a financially poor class to achieve anything was not so easy. He persued his higher education and got himself graduated from school of Art.His socio cultural background played a role in influencing his mind on creative aspects and many a times you see his young mind influenced of Bhudhist Phylosophy in his art.
Art Teachers Diploma from JJ school of Art, Mumbai, India. Textile Design Diploma from VJTI, Mumbai, India
Single Exhibitions:
V.J.T.I. Mumbai
Ravindra Natya Mandir, Mumbai
Group Exhibitions:
Deeds Charity Paintings Exhibition
Celebrate Bandra Art Exhibition
Burjuman Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE
Art Romanza
Artist's Statement:
To spread message through his Art on Humnity, Peace and equality
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