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Natalia Kazirelova Paintings
Natalia Kazirelova was born in Russia. She has worked as teacher in Artistic School and as costume designer in Drama Theatre of Armenia. Since 1989 resides and works as painter in her art atelier in the capital of Greece - Athens.
Graduate from Novorosisk Artistic School. Then she studied in Odessian Theatrical Art School which she finished in 1980.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece .More than 300 artworks are presented in private galleries in Greece, Spain, France, Norway, Russia, Israel, Japan, USA.
Single Exhibitions:
2005-Gallery “William James”,Athens,Greece
2001-Cultural Centre of Athens,Athens,Greece
2000-Cultural Centre “Melina Mercury”,Athens,Grreece
1990-Gallery “Dimokritos”,Athens,Greece
Group Exhibitions:
2006-Art Gallery "Sofia Laskaridou",Athens,Greece
2006-Museum Srokovo, Poland
2006-Cultural Centre of Athens, Athens,Greece
2005-Art Hall “Emfasis”, Thessaloniki,Greece
1990-Gallery “Dimokritos”, Athens, Greece
Artist's Statement:
I like the beauty and harmony of the world.
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