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A Poor Black Man
Clean Pockets
Corrupt President
Feeding on corruption
Mr Professor
My Blue Shoe
Once a fisherman
True Lovers
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Mukalazi Kizito Paintings
I am Mukalazi Kizito Basazemaggya, I was born on the 5/03/1986, in Uganda Entebbe in a village called Mpala.I have four brothers and seven sisters. Art is my talent and I have been painting from my childhood. I love it more than doing any other thing in my life. My father died in 2005 and he was one of the people who encouraged me to do art from my childhood. I am living with my mum.I love doing abstract art, some times I do art with hidden messages and also problems affecting people around the globe. For example corruption, most of my art works are against corruption.
I am a graduate of Michelangelo school of Creative arts in Entebbe.
Artist's Statement:
I can make four art works in one day, I love music and travelling, having fun.My future plan is to open up an art gallery in the UK.
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