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Adam & Eve
Adam & Eve - Walk
The Sleeping
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Miroslaw Struzik Sculptures
Miroslaw Struzik was born in 1956 in Poland. He treats the sculpture as the art of individual expression. He wants his sculptures just to suggest a form, and he leaves the final creation and interpretation to the viewer's imagination.
He graduated of Academy of Fine Arts, acquiring the title - Master of fine Arts in the Faculty of Sculpture.
In 1990 he received scholarship from the Minister of Culture and Arts in Poland. In 2001 he got third prize in the competition 'Sacrum Today'. In 2004 he was awarded in a competition for making a sculpture of St. Jadwiga, Poland. In 2005 he received Sugarman Foundation Award.
Selected Commissions/collections:
He designs and creates sculptures in Public Areas, for example a project and realization of St. Jadwiga's Chapel, a series of sculptures for the Municipal Botanic Garden of Wroc³aw University, realization of sculpture for Wroc³aw Airport, realization of 5 sculptures for the Spanish shopping centre Factory in Poland, realization of the sculpture entitled ‘Adam and Eve’ for the Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park in Chicago, USA.
Single Exhibitions:
Exhibition in the centre of Polish sculpture in Oronsko, Poland; Art Exhibition Office in Wroclaw, Poland; Individual exhibition in Hotel Mercury, Wroclaw, Poland.
Group Exhibitions:
XII Biennale Internazional Dantesca, Ravena, Italy; European Union Parliament in Strasbourg, France; Annual International Juried Art Exhibition in Covington, USA, Exhibition in Skokie Sculpture Park, USA; 2008 - World Art Vision exhibition in Cancun, Mexico.
Artist's Statement:
I think of sculpture as the art of individual expression. My interest focuses on presenting man and his or her surrounding as „luminous forms” which make up an open spatial system. I believe a sculpture can have a form going beyond a simple connection of point A to point B. In my work point B can be located in various places relative to point A. I want my sculptures just to suggest a form, and I leave the final creation and interpretation to the viewer's imagination.
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