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Miranda Falkner and Evangelos Pourgouris Applied Art
Evangelos Pourgouris and Miranda Falkner created EM Jewellery in 1994. Having graduated from the London Guildhall University, after six years of extensive design research and studies, covering a wide range of traditional technical skills both in jewellery making and silversmithing, we set up this partnership with the aim of broadening the concepts of being the traditional goldsmiths and contemporary jewellers. Our work is widely seen and exhibited in prestigious galleries, shops and museums around the country and that has brought along private commissions. We regularly show at the Goldsmiths Fair, The International Jewellery in London, and the Barbican Centre.
Self Taught.
1995 Winners of HRH Prince of Wales Gold Metal
Certificate of Merit by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths
1999 Winners of ‘Gift of the Year’ Trophy design competition
for the Giftware Association
2002 Winners of ‘Kayman 2002’ Platinum design competition
Certificate of Merit by the British Jewellers Association
Selected Commissions/collections:
We have commssion throughout our career years; our early clientele includes Lord Kenneth Baker, Sir Phillip Wilinson.
Single Exhibitions:
2001- Roger Billcliffe Fine Art.
Group Exhibitions:
2001- Fusion touring exhibition with Designer Jewellers Group, Portismouth Museum, annual exhibition at Barbican. Roger Billcliffe Fine Art, New Ashgate, City Art gallery in Leeds.
2002 - Yorkshire Sculptural Park, English Heritage at Kenwood House, Roger BillCiffe Fine Art, New Ashgate, Annual exhibition at Barbican, Fusion touring exhibition.
2003 - Love Story exhibition Goldsmiths Worshipful Company,Avant Garde gallery, Roger Billcliffe Fine art, New Ashgate, Yorkshire Sculptural Park, English Heritage at Kenwood House, Fusion touring exhibition.
2004 - Roger Billciffe Fine Art, New Ashgate, Avant Garde, Annual exhibition at Barbican, YSP, Fusion touring Exhibition.
2005 - Annual exhibition at Barbican, Posk gallery with Designer Jewellers Group, Roger Billcliffe, Rare Fine New ashgate, YSP, Mall gallery in London, Fusion touring exhiobition. Guy Fawkes exhibition at Chichester Theatre.
2006 - Mall gallery in London, Trpicalia exhibition at Barbican Art Gallery, Washington Gallery, Artichoke gallery, Annual exhibition @ barbican, Architechture exhibition At Barbican Art Gallery, Photography exhibition at Barbican Art gallery, Roger Billcliffe, New Ashgate Rare Find winter 2006, Yorkshire Sculpture Park. City Art gallery in Leeds. Designer Crafts @ Chelsea 2006.
Artist's Statement:
Evangelos Pourgouris and Miranda Falkner were born in 1969 and 1957.Our designs are inspired by the observation of the nature, its forms and textures or any wild and obscure objects we often find in the open; these are the foundations and essential materials on the development of our ideas.We then explore extensively the possibilities between the boundaries of designing and making, and have since created a technique of our own to pursue and realise each of our design pieces.With our skilled craftsmanship, we use our intriguing technique to combine the different gauges of precious wires and sheet metal in different colours, so that each individual piece creates a bespoke identity of its own, simple yet elegant, modest yet precious.The pieces are mostly produced in one-off or limited edition, so that the exclusiveness will allow our customers to enjoy the rarity of the genuinely hand made jewellery.
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