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Pont Alexandre III
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Miertschin Paintings
Miertschin is the pseudonyme of a German artist.
Studied art in the 80th in Paris in the studio of the renowned hungarian painter CSATO.
Gold metal of the French Republic at Versailles in 2003
Single Exhibitions:
Galerie Amarante in Tours (France)in 1996 and 1998
Galerie Buestel in Paris in 2000
Gallery of the Poets Society of France in october 2002
Galerie de Sidhe - CÔte d'Azur in september 2003
Galerie Gavart - Paris 8e - july 2004
Galerie Thuillier - Paris 4e - april 2007
Group Exhibitions:
Faste Galleri in Stavanger (Norway)in 1988
Novotel in Noisy-le-Grand in France in 1999
Salon des Artistes Français Paris 2003
Matra Museum - Romorantin - France - 2003
Salon National des Beaux-Arts - Carroussel du Louvre - Paris - december 2003
French Ministry of Economics - Paris Bercy - february 2006
Galerie Harmis - Paris 9e - july & august 2006
Artist's Statement:
Miertschin is painting landscapes as well as still-life and portraits.
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