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La Serenissima
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Micol Biasetti Paintings
Micol Biasetti is an Italian artist who is currently residing and working in Plano, Texas. She was born in Lima, Peru’, and has lived in four different countries for extended periods of time.She graduated from an international school in Caracas, Venezuela, and her academic success, along with parental pressure, led her to obtain an MD with highest honors in Milan, Italy. However, her scientific background did not put an end to her artistic zeal. At the age of thirty-three, Micol decided to pursue her true passions rather than just her ambitions and began expressing herself through art. She is extremely creative and a true artist at heart. Micol expresses herself through abstract paintings on canvas boards or wooden panels. Her paintings use instinct and imagination to guide the viewer’s senses through the barrage of color and movement contained in each canvas. Micol uses paint to tell a vivid story of emotion by covering, revealing and layering her colors. Reminiscent of Jackson Pollack, her approach to art making is spontaneous, thus emphasizing the ebullient quality of her final creation. Micol’s work thrives on the canvas, becoming a vivid story open to the viewer’s interpretation.
Micol is a self-taught artist
Group Exhibitions:
Micol's art was exhibited at the American Fine Art Gallery in Dallas from March 1st to August 1st 2006.
Her painting Enchilada was featured at the 500X Gallery in Dallas from May 6th to May 27th, 2006.
Micol’s artwork also qualified for representation by Agora Gallery in New York City. A three-week exhibit was held in Manhattan in Fall.Micol's art has also been sold through charity auctions.
Artist's Statement:
As an artist, I want to give people a chance to dive into a new visual dimension where instinct and imagination guide the creation of intense abstract paintings. My journey starts with a blend of colors and progresses into the unknown to reach a serendipitous final result that represents a natural expression of the unconscious. Little planning goes behind the creation of my art. Paint is applied in an instinctive way to cover, half-cover, and reveal, in a continuous attempt to give birth to a powerful rendering of human experience.
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