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A Patch of Blue 2004
Seedlings 2003
Ten Commandments 2004
Wanted 2004
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Michal Ashkenasi Painting
Michal Ashkenasi was born in the Netherlands. After finishing high school she emigrated to Israel where , after serving in the army, she married and settled in a Kibbutz. The couple left the kibbutz after 17 years and settled in the vicinity of Haifa. When her husband passed away she left Haifa and was accepted at the Artist Colony in Sefad where she had her own studio and exhibition / gallery. Nowadays she lives and works in the center of Israel.
Four years Art study at the Haifa University. Was accepted at the "Studio Horev" under the leading of the late artist and teacher G.Davidovitz. After his death the known Israeli artist J. Zim came to the Studio and with him she worked for several years. Was accepted to the Israeli Association of Painters and Sculptors in 1987.
2003 - The Bronze Medal for Painting at the "Salon des Artistes Francais" , Paris , France.
2004 - The Big Gold Medal at the "Salon International La Monde des Culture et des Arts, M.C.A." in Cannes , France.
2006 -Was appointed as Honorable Professor , Associated Academician at the Accademia della Arte "Greci-Marino"del Verbano , Italy.
Single Exhibitions:
1987-The Soldiers House , Haifa , Israel
1988-Gallery "Mofet" , Jerusalem , Israel
1990-Zeist , Holland
1990-1996-Studio and exhibition/gallery ,Sefad ,Israel
1996-1998-Studio and exhibition /gallery , Ben-Semen , Israel
1999-2000- Gallery "The Asia House" Tel Aviv , Israel
2001- Gallery "Danon" ,Tel Aviv ,Israel
2002-Galeria De Art Zero ,Barcelona, Spain
2002 "Elah House" ,Tel Aviv ,Israel
2003-Gallery "Ophir" , Tel Aviv ,Israel
2004-Gallery "Picasso", Castra, Haifa , Israel
2005-Gallery "Alternative" , Tel Aviv , Israel
2006- Gallery "Studio Oman" , Hadera ,Israel
Group Exhibitions:
Participatesin the exhibitions of the Association
Takes part in the exhibitions of the municipality of Kfar Saba , her home town.
2002-Exhibition of "Dutch Painters" at Castra , Haifa , Israel
2003-Le Salon des Artistes Francais , Paris , France
2003-"5 Artists" , Gallery "Marziart" , Hamburg,, Germany
2004-"4 Artists exhibition "Givataim , Israel
2004-Salon Le Monde de Culture et des Arts M.C.A. , Cannes , France
Point of View" Group -Installations , Kfar Saba , Israel
2006- "Point of View" group , Wiesbaden , Germany
Artist's Statement:
I believe in Art as a possibility to influence and to give happiness to other people . But it also is a way of life for me . I could not imagine my life without painting .
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