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The Tempest
Die Gluecksbringer
Cafe Paris
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Michael Puya Paintings
Me, Michael ("Mig") Puya, I come from an Austrian family which is rich in local tradition of the south of Austria/Carinthia. I'm the 4th painter in my father's generation. Born 1958 in Klagenfurt/South of Austria, a city (near the border of Italy and Slovenia) with a musical, artistic and sporty tradition, I live in Austria (studios in Klagenfurt and Vienna) and on Gran Canaria (usually over the winter time).
I've studied art (history of art etc.), philosophy and ethnology in Austria and abroad (Dr. h.c.).
Artist's Statement:
During numerous stays abroad (Spain, Greece, Italy, Great Britain...) I felt soon the need of an intense employment of (abstract) drawing and painting. The journeys in far countries, the meeting connected with other cultures, have become an important signification for my spiritual and emotional advancement like the painting itself!
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