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Checks and Balance
Question of Balance
Red Moon Rising
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Michael Depraida Paintings
My roots as a classically trained painter has had a profound influence on my current style. When paint and color are put to canvas it becomes a form of communication and the goal of communication is understanding. To me, a successful image is measured by its ability to communicate its makers message, if understood, then the image succeeds. The images I create are a study in texture, light and color. I use both acrylic and oil paint which gives me a freedom not possible in the oil medium alone. I build up my canvas using a polymer paste mixed with marble dust and natural objects, this gives them a three dimensional quality that invites the viewer to gfeelh the image. I spend 10 months a year traveling the United States exhibiting and creating new work in the Silver Cave, my self contained mobile artist studio.
Classically trained painter.
'Best in Show' St. Charles, Illinois Art Festival, USA
'Best in Category' Jacksonville, Florida, USA
'Award of Distinction' Covington, LA, USA
Selected Commissions/collections:

Back in the day, it was all about commissions. In a time when there was no off the rack clothing you chose an artist like you chose your tailor, for their style.
For the discerning buyer, commissioned artwork offers the opportunity to own a very personal and unique piece of artwork that fits your individual vision, a vision which cannot be matched by an off the shelf piece of artwork.
Commissioning a piece of artwork is fun, simple, and costs no more than off the shelf artwork.
I work with you and/or your interior designer through photos and color swatches. With the use of the internet, photos and ideas are easily exchanged.
Once your color, size and design ideas are expressed, I start work on your unique custom art work.
Time to completion is from 30 to 90 days.
Custom sizes from 12"x12" to 60"x72"
Group Exhibitions:
Nexus Gallery, NYC
Studio 211, NYC
Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, NJ
Frazer Gallery, Washington D.C.
AfterImage Gallery, Dallas TX
The Gallery at Roundtop, TX


WLIR NYC TV-21 PBS, interview with an artist
Internet Tonight TV series (Web cam interview)
The Sara Lee AM show, TV-47 NYC (interview)


College of William & Mary Art Review (Art & interview)Talent in Motion Magazine (Art & interview)
Double Exposure Magazine (Monthly Column)
Visual Art Trends Magazine (Art & interview)
Wired Arts for Wired Hearts Magazine (Interview)
Photo Resource Magazine (cover art & interview)
Sabine Magazine (cover art & interview)


Cantus Records, Madrid Spain Columbia Records,
Orlando International Airport
The Burning Man project
New York Mercantile Exchange
City of Sarasota, Florida
Artist's Statement:
MICHAEL J. DEPRAIDA: Born and raised in New York City. Classically trained in Oil and pastels under the late painter Giuseppi Trottor and modernist Eugene Kurakin. Mr. Depraida's work is published and exhibited throughout the United States and Europe.
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