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Grin and Bear It
No Bombing
The Price of Fish?
There Are No Skeletons In My Closet
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Maxime Wareham Applied Art
I have always loved unique jewellery and enamelled jewellery has always given me extra pleasure through its reflections and the play of light and colour. To work with, enamel is constantly surprising, exciting and always rewarding.
Theatre Communication and Media BA (Hons) University of Huddersfield. HND in Jewellery and Design Sir John Cass Art Department Guildhall University. MA by Project/Jewllery Design London Metropolitan University
Award for Enamelling Student Awards, Sir John Cass Art Department 2004
Group Exhibitions:
I have exhibited bi-anually at The Cockpit Arts Deptford Open Studios since 2004.
Artist's Statement:
My jewellery is playful, amusing and thought provoking. Using puns and everyday sayings I look at things we take for granted with new eyes. For my latest collection entitled 'Don't Step on the Cracks' I have produced a series of brooches that are intended to be small statements or messages. All the brooches are accompanied by titles punched in silver. Each design is made in small batches only. They are made by hand and enamelled by hand, ensuring that no two are ever the same. The majority of my work uses vitreous enamels and silver. Enamel adds colour to the pieces and makes them precious and fragile even when the subject matter is bold and daring. My chains and bracelets are all hand made. Each link of each chain being hand formed and beaten, which gives them a unique texture and shine. Because of this chains can be made to specific individual requirements for a piece of jewellery that is truly unique. The bracelets have also been hand made and textured. When made out of silver they are soldered with gold to add an opulent detail. My chains, bracelets rings and brooches are designed to be worn by both men and women.
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