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Atlantic Salmon
Brown Trout & Otter
Mirror Carp
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Matthew Groves Paintings
Matthew Groves is an Artist and Sculptor, based in the South West of England. He draws inspiration for his work from a life long interest in Wildlife, Fishing and Fish, viewed from both above, and below the water. His paintings aim to capture the atmosphere and drama that exists beneath the water's surface,with the subtle use of light, shade and colour. As well as painting, he builds Wildlife Sculptures in various materials, which through careful composition, suggest movement and action in his subjects. His various Artworks have resulted in orders from the UK, Europe, America, Australia , Bermuda, Canada, Norway and Japan.
Matthew Groves is a self taught artist, who has had a paintbrush in his hand since childhood.While an art college degree may have disciplined the eye and the hand, his view on the world is his own, as his oil painting technique demonstrates.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Orders for his prints and sculptures have been received from around the World, with companies including UK Living (Cable Channel), Terence Conran, Mc.Arthur Glen Shopping Centres and Paul Smith.
Single Exhibitions:
Country Landowners Game Fairs and various Angling exhibitions around the country.
Artist's Statement:
I refuse to regurgitate the normal waffling nonsense and philosophical ideas that many claim inspire their paintings, only to say that I am enthralled by the underwater world, and try my best to recreate it, with any technique I can invent. Sales Worldwide show that other people also appreciate my efforts.
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