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Leaving The Comfort Zone
Simpler Times
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Marty Lowman Photography
Marty Lowman was born in Aylesbury, England in 1950. He emigrated to Canada in 1959. While visiting England in 1969, he purchased his first 35mm camera and began developing an interest in photography. After graduation from Eastern Bible College in 1973, Lowman spent twelve years as a youth pastor. During 1974 and 1984 he lived in Western Canada and developed a love for the landscape, spending a good portion of his spare time hiking and photographing. In 1984 his work was displayed in two group shows sponsored by the Yorkton Regional Arts Council, and the Saskatchewan Arts Council.
In 1985 Lowman relocated to Windsor, Ontario. In 1993 he enrolled at the University of Windsor where he studied psychology and photography, graduating in 1997. After his graduation from the University of Windsor, Lowman accepted a staff position at the University. Lowman works in the classic photographic style. His images are captured on black and white film using medium and large format antique and classic cameras, considered by many to be obsolete. Each photograph is hand printed to retain the aesthetic of classic photography.
Since beginning to show his work in 2001, Lowman has won numerous awards for his work in juried competitions. His work is featured in several galleries in Ontario including the Art Gallery of Windsor. His work is also displayed at a number of Art Fairs in South Western Ontario and in numerous corporate private collections in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Lowman lives with his partner, Debra Scholey, on a small farm near Colchester, Ontario.
Selected Commissions/collections:
April 06 - private commission - "Tranquility."
Single Exhibitions:
April - May 05
30 Pieces in Silver - Capitol Theatre, Windsor Ontario
Group Exhibitions:
August 06 - Art by the River, Amherstburg, Ontario
July 06 - Art at the Marina, Leamington, Ontario
July 06 - The Naughty Show, Windsor, Ontario
June 06 - Art Nouvelle - St. Thomas, Ontario
April 06 - One of a Kind - Windsor, Ontario
January 06 - Stills Competition - Gallery 1918, Windsor, Ontario
January 06 - Windsor Arts Fair - Windsor, Ontario
November 05 - Amherstburg Academie of the Arts, Amherstburg Ontario
October 05 - Heritage Village Arts Fair - Kingsville, Ontario
September 05 - Art in the Woods, LaSalle Ontario
Artist's Statement:
The natural world chimes a chord that beats in time with our inner selves. Often the pace our twenty-first century lives demand that we overlook the everyday wonders of nature. Photography allows me to observe in the outside world melodies that stir sympathetic frequencies within. The ebb and flow of the ocean, sunrise and sunset, the sun, moon and stars, trees in full-leaf, or bare, reveal nature=s cycles. All life is subject to cycles, even though our hectic pace often precludes awareness. The quickness or delay of a shutter captures or extends a moment in time and allows us to reflect on a particular phase of a natural cycle. A successful photograph resonates deep inside. It reminds us that we too are caught in the continuous cycle of birth, life, death and re-birth. The relationship of humans and nature is never easy. We either worship her, or we exploit her. My photography is an attempt to link the human spirit and the spirit of the natural world. In reality it is one in the same spirit - the photograph just serves as a reminder.
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