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Color is a Language # 19
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Marti Garaughty Paintings
The first time I saw Marti's paintings, it reminded me of when I first heard Miles Davis. I didn't understand it, but I knew I was seeing something very special. His paintings are like beautiful intellectual puzzles. Masses of pure color... pushed, pulled, mixed, tangled and somehow taken apart again. With a flawless technique, he renders perfect geometrical shapes within his abstractions that seem to be suspended both in time and space. He has been called everything from the next Jackson Pollock to Jimi Hendrix with a paintbrush and is single handedly redefining the world of abstract art. Denise Deland, Deland Interiors & Design.
Self Taught.
Artist's Statement:
Color is a Language... I paint to connect with people in a way that can't be done with words or images. In my new work, I'm using color and brushstrokes to invent a language of my own, to compose a visual form of music. I see color as the notes, the way the colors mix and blend as the harmony and the brushstrokes as the rhythm. When I'm asked "How do you paint?", my answer is... I hold the brush, God moves my hand. If anything, I hope my work inspires you to look within yourself, to see the possibilities that exist within all of us and to make the most of those possibilities, no matter what your possibilities might be... Marti Garaughty
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