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Mark Kazav Paintings
Mark Kazavchinski (a.k.a. Mark Kazav) is a painter, musician, singer and in each field has shown the same authority and achieved similar success. Mark Kazavchinski was born in 1960 in Moldova, former republic of Soviet Union. Served in Soviet Army from 1980 to 1982 as musician. Marks's world was turned upside down in nineties, when he and his family were forced to flee the USSR because of chaos and local wars. In Canada, new country Mark began to look for different ways to express himself without the constrains of not knowing English. In the spring of 1998, "inspired" by his bare walls, Mark touched his brushes for very first time and ...was hooked. Mark Kazavchinski had been facinated with the boundless possibilities oil had given him. His first local exhibition in 1999 in Toronto sold out quickly. New artist was overwhelmed by his success when his art was presented on World Wide Web. Just for very first year sold more than 500 of original paintings. Since then he enjoys growing popularity in many countries. His paintings are now in numerous Private and Corporate collections of USA, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, England, Belgium, France, Canada, Malaysia and Russia. Mark's paintings getting highly collectable. His "Canadian Dream" came true. Mark Kazavchinski an artist of distinct style and conceptual integrity. He at once challenges the viewer with vibrant color and bold images. Mark has developed his own personal style which is indeed colorful, visually stimulating and a pleasure to own. Mark paints use a "wet-in-wet" technique, attempting to capture the essence of subject, rather than detailed expression. These paintings are reflective of both his philosophy of life and his personality, employing the use of colors as vibrant as any work of art such masters as Matisse or Van Gogh.
Self Taught.
Artist's Statement:
".....This artist has a profound sense of the texture of canvas and the way colors express the world, which he perceives around him. His paintings are poetic and romantic, - like sonnets, they convey their message and derive their force and impact with deep feeling. Mark tends to capture a "bigger picture" of the world rather than to go after "unimportant" details. Being not satisfied with the current state of affairs on our planet, not bounded by any tradition in the narrow sense, and in contempt of rules, Mark exerts himself to the utmost in order to show the true face of the Homo Sapience. Even though his works seem to be somewhat complicated, they remain a true feast for the eyes.............." "... For me, it's like Jazz Improvisation - very spontaneous.Something inside of me starts and I just can't stop till it's done. I strongly believe , that you can't learn this feeling from the books, Art Colleges, Schools or even from other Artists. It's like a nice voice in vocal - you born with it or not, although technical skills are important and should be learned..."
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