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Mark Holland-Hicken Paintings
My dear friend and photographer Gabriele Rigon thinks he is the luckiest man alive - for he gets to photograph the most beautiful women on earth - but, in fact, I am the luckiest man alive! I not only get to photograph the girls but I get to paint them too! About 5 years ago I reached a crossroads in my life. I was weary of the design work I had been doing for the last 15 years - my work had become so "easy", almost automatic, the fun, the challenges and above all the passion had left. Most men in this situation either buy themselves a "super-bike" or run off with the maid - I didn't do either of those things. I did, however, spend months in the doldrums - soul searching.....I started to think long and hard about the skills I had acquired and what I was truly passionate about - what was it that really fired my imagination? After all my time as a designer realisation eventually dawned and the answer was elegantly simple - I was passionate about "beauty" - but more importantly, I had learnt over the years that beauty is only a superficial presentation, what lay beneath the surface was more important - it wasn't just beauty it was "sensuality" that fired me! I could paint you an Apple or a Zebra and they would be beautiful paintings - but not sensual, how could a "stripy cow" stir your emotions? Sensuality is an esoteric concept, sadly not accessible to everyone and most often confused with "eroticism" and even "pornography" - many people simply "don't get it" - People that admire and buy my work are thinking, much like myself, on a much higher and individualistic level than the masses - many of my collectors have become personal friends - sharing ideas, emotions and the my paintings I capture more than just the superficial - I capture your soul, you are no longer a simple voyeur looking in - you have become part of what you see, you can hear the river flowing, you can feel the sunlight, you can taste the fruit and smell the perfume - but my work runs even deeper than this - you'll feel the excitement, the apprehension, the tension, the sexuality and the passion too.....set your heart free! Mark Holland-Hicken
2:1 hons BA Industrial Product Design
Artist's Statement:
Dear viewer, when I have a vision I am compelled to bring that vision, by whatever means to you.
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