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Satellite Cupboard
Segment Stool
Segment Table
Tangent Stool
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Mark Beverton Applied Art
Mark Beverton - Designer and maker of beautiful handcrafted furniture using various materials.I grew up in my dad's furniture making workshop, from a very young age I have been creating furniture pieces. This was the best education that could be bestowed upon me in the art of designing and making furniture. I have the philosophy that each piece will not only have the practicality of everyday use but will also have the virtue of a work of art, being pleasing to the senses. My dad's background was sculpting and engineering and it is among these principles that I incorporate in my work.
Self Taught.
Selected Commissions/collections:
I like to work closely with the people that buy my work, building a personal integrity with them from initial contact through to delivery of the piece and beyond. Usually meeting them at what will become the home of the piece, sometimes at my workshop, discussing the project in full. With this information I will either do some research or plough straight into transforming my idea's into sketches, through this process I will settle on one or two design's that can properly be draw up to show the client. Each commission is priced accordingly, a great deal of precious time and attention goes into my work which hopefully will be seen in the final results.
Artist's Statement:
Quality, durability and function are important to me and the furniture I build. In our disposable society it is nice to have something with a sense of permanence, I am fascinated by seeing yvork that is hundreds of years old which is still in use today with the greatest attention going into the smallest detail. The design process is one that can take many hours with numerous pages of sketches culminating into something that I am happy to make into a piece of furniture. Most of my work is made in solid woods, some pieces incorporate metals, plastics and found objects. I love woods, it is always exciting to see the different characteristics of the grain, how it can be used and enhanced in a piece. The wood in itself is like a piece of art!
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