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Peacocks Eye
Abstract Flower
Papillion Sola Red Tips
Rosa Marlene
Subtle Beauty
Shockin Pink
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Mark Baker Photographs
Born in South London in 1959, Mark Baker had an early introduction to photography through a school club in 1973. His interest in photography developed and in the late 70s he began photographing bands. Following his participation in Operation Twilight, an off shoot of Les Disques du Crepescule, Mark studied photography at Salisbury College of Art. After graduating he started working for B.B.C. Television graphic design department as a stills man (earning himself a Blue Peter badge in the process!) He continued working on personal photographic projects during his time with the B.B.C., shooting various bands and recording London's nightclub life in a series entitled 'The Butterfly Collection.' From 1989 Mark worked for CBS Records (later to become Sony Music), photographing the entire roster of Epic, Columbia, S2 and LRD which included acts such as Suede, Travis, Leftfield, Oasis, Jamiroquai, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, George Michael and Malcolm McLaren. In 1998 Mark left Sony and the music business and began to concentrate on digital imagery. This period also helped Mark to rethink his creative approach to photography, having always been fascinated by nature and the power of abstraction. Consequently, he started concentrating on still life work, which led to a series of lithographic prints being published by Spectrum Fine Art USA in 2003 and exhibits at the 'New Views' exhibition at Kew Gardens and the Affordable Art Fair in 2004.
Studied at Salisbury College of Art 1982-1984
Group Exhibitions:
"New Views" at Kew Gardens

Affordable Art Fair, London
Artist's Statement:
Mark is a member of the Association of Photographers
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