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Fruit epergne #1
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Mario Cossu Paintings
Born in Rome (Italy) on July 27th 1950. Since he was a child he has always loved to draw and to paint. In 1977 he started joining collective exhibitions of oil paintings on canvas. 1978 to 1985 he drew comics. Since 1985 he has been an Illustrator and teacher of artistic techniques in several institutes around Italy.
13 years old he was pupil of Master De Santis and later of Luce and Elica Balla (daughters of futuristic Giacomo Balla). His studies were Classic Lyceum and University of Economy and Commerce.
1977 Golden Medal by Roma Cittą Eterna.
1978 Absolut First Prize at Tevere Expo', Rome.
2000 World Award of Excellence by Art Space 2000 for my site.
2003 Selected for the International Exhibition "Quadriennale Leonardo Da Vinci" in the Museum of Risorgimento, inside the Tomb of Unknown Soldier, Rome.
2006 Merit Award of "Premio Arte 2006". Organized by Mondadori Magazine "Arte".
2006 Selected by Mondadori Art Catalogue.
2007 Merit Award of "Premio Arte 2007".
2007 Special Award for the one-man exhibition in the international Exhibition "Quadriennale Leonardo Da Vinci".
Single Exhibitions:
2000 Tortona "Dimensione Artistica Tortonese"
2008 Phoenix (AZ) Thomas Charles Galleries.
Group Exhibitions:
1977 Roma Cittą Eterna
1978 Roma Cittą Eterna
1978 Tevere Expo'
1997 Lecco and towns round Milano.
2000"Edge of Subconscious", "Touch-Rediscoverying Hand" and"Just Being Me" by the Living Artist Gallery.
2003 The International Exhibition in the Museum of Risorgimento, the Tomb of Unknown Soldier, Rome.
2004 Gallery "Ars Italica"
2005 Gallery "Ars Italica"
2005 Hotel Plaza
2006 "Premio ARTE 2006"
2006 "Xmas Exhibition" at "Ars Italica"
2007 "Premio ARTE 2007"
Artist's Statement:
My life is a search. I am never satisfied of my work and I go along trying to do better.
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