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Butterfly Garden 2
Shell and Butterfly
Magic Garden 6
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Marilyn Simler Paintings
Marilyn Simler trained in her native South Africa and in the U.K. Although she left Africa in 1978 the impact of her South African roots stayed with her both consciously and unconsciously, and expressed itself through her art in terms of light, colour, and imagery. This African heritage provides the initial layer of her art. Through travel and study around the world subsequent layers were added. These influences included the impact of Italian frescoes, Byzantine mosaics, emblems and symbols of cultures as far apart as the Aztecs and India, all of which have been absorbed into her art. Ultimately it is the interrelationship of these forms, colours and textures, which remain present in her work.
1965 - 1968 B A Hons. Fine Arts, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, S.A. 1969 University Education Diploma, University of South Africa. 1981 Diploma of Modern Art Studies, I.C.A. London. 1992 - 1993 B A Hons. Fine Arts, Middlesex University, London 1994 - 1996 M. A. Fine Arts, Middlesex University, London.
1994 Print Prize, Middlesex University
1997 St. Cuthbert's Mill Award, National Open Print
2000 Zenith Purchase Prize, National Print Exhibition , Mall Gallery, London
Selected Commissions/collections:
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line: Vision of the Sea and Enchantment of the Sea
Corporate and private commissions, including Hotels, Offices, Apartments etc.
Single Exhibitions:
1989 The Hill Gallery, London
1990 Charlotte Lampard Gallery, London
1991 The Hooper Gallery, London
1992 Cadogan Gallery, London
1997 The Pump House Gallery, London
2002 Walton Gallery, London
2005 West-Eleven Gallery, London
2006 Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Group Exhibitions:
1984 Camden Arts Centre, London
1985 Camden Arts Centre, London
1986 Barbican Concourse Gallery, London
"Eat Art", Boundary Gallery, London
1987 Summer Exhibition Boundary Gallery, London
Camden Annual, CamdenArt Centre, London
"Pots and Collages", Boundary Gallery, London
1988 Summer Exhibition, Boundary Gallery, London
Summer Exhibition, Leinster Fine Art, London
Charlotte Lampard Gallery, London
Flower Gallery, London
1989 Aaron Gallery, Washington DC.,USA
1990 Summer Exhibition, Boundary Gallery, London
1991 Six South African Artists. Manor House, London
1992 Natalie Knight Gallery, South Africa
1993 Cadogan Gallery, London
Art International Gallery, Sidney, Australia
1994 FARO Exhibition, Bonhams, London
Art International Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Red Ribbon Art Show, Imagination Gallery, London
Hereford City Art Gallery, U.K.
National Print Exhibition, Mall Gallery, London
"Salon des Graphiques", Curwen Gallery, London
1995 Durham Art Gallery, U.K.
National Print Exhibition, Mall Gallery, London
"Salon des Graphiques", Curwen Gallery, London
Blue Gallery, Christmas Show, London
Stockport Art Gallery, U.K.
1996 Scarborough Art Gallery, U.K.
Natural History Museum, London
Work by Women Artists, Contemporary Art Group, London
The Elizabethan Exhibition Gallery, Wakefield, U.K.
The Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park, London
International Art, Rue de Bercy, Paris, France
Contemporary Art Gallery, London
1997 Pitshanger Museum, London
"The Large Edition", Middlesex Uni and Malvern Festival, U.K.
Estell & Ogilvy, Wales
National Open Print, Whiteleys, London
Salon des Graphiques, Curwen Gallery, London
Contemporary Art Gallery , London
1998 Davies and Tooth, London
National Print Exhibition, Mall Gallery, London
Print '98, Barbican Concourse Gallery, London
Natural Hissstory Museum, London
Woodlands Art Gallery, London
"Prints in Profile", Pump House Gallery, London (Co-Curated)
1999 Pryory Art, London
Falmouth Art Centre, Cornwall, U.K.
"Print Fusion", Letchworth Art Centre, U.K.
"Freshly Printed", Buckenham Gallery, Suffolk, U.K.
"Impact", Spike Island, U.K.
"Print '99", Atlantis Gallery, U.K.
2000 National Print, Mall Gallery, London, U.K.
"Print 2000", Barbican Concourse Gallery, U.K.
Pryory Art, Summer Exhibition
Falmouth Art Centre, Cornwall U.K.
Individuazioni 5, Galleria D'arte Mentana, Florence, Italy
2001 Royal National Theatre
Fresh Art, London
2002 National Print Mall Galleries London
2003 National Print Mall Galleries London
2004 Originals Mall Galleries London
On The Wall art fair Olympia
Affordable Art Fair Battersea London
Morley Gallery London
Stark Gallery London
2005 West Eleven Gallery, London
2005 Swiss Cottage Library Gallery 2005
2006 Art on paper - Royal College of Art
2006 CRUISAID, Royal College of Art
Artist's Statement:
My work explores images of personal experiences through layers of colour and texture in an organic, tactile manner. Growing up in South Africa, with its wealth of natural beauty, different cultures, vibrant colour and intense light, has been a continuing source of inspiration to me.The sea and it's environment, and the art of past and present civilisations have always influenced my imagery. Layers of time and space are simultaneously concealed and revealed.I like to think of my work as containing images and colours that arrest the viewers attention and challenge their perceptions.
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