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Honey bee
Time out
Railway crossing
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Mariette van den Heever Paintings
Mariette was born in 1969 in Springs, Gauteng. She works under the name Flowie in a wide variety of mixed media, always observing and picking up interesting shapes, textures colours etc. Her passion is earth, rocks, sand, bushman paintings, fossils, bones, animals, insects, plants etc. All of these being an expression of how she perceives life around her. During her training as a clothing designer she ecquired knowledge of figure drawing, colour and textures. This ability proved to be of great advantage when she became aware of the intriguing expressions f the 'Xam people' (Bushman) in their Rock Art, while visiting sites known for this art form. Spiritual symbols in geometric forms which they used to communicate through in trance dancing, fascinated her and inspired her to use these symbols to create paintings with a strong modern feel but with a very ancient spiritual connotation. Her love for nature, people and experiences made her very creative and original. She is also currently expressing herself in a surprising variety of styles, media and techniques depicting natural forms and concepts in an original and authentic manner. Her work mirror creation itself as she experiences it. It is therefore not an academic rendition of her subject, but a very natural product of her own perceptions and use of media. Her painting attempt to put into concrete form her own arresting and fleeting visions. As such the work expresses a profound sensuality which clearly speaks to the observer.
National diploma in fashion design
Single Exhibitions:
Solo exhibition Gerard Cloete Gallery July 2007
Group Exhibitions:
Cape gallery,
Art 1, permenant exhibition
Riebeeck kasteel gallery

Artist's Statement:
Mariette van den Heever, can be described as an artist with multiple personalities depending on the style she adapts for a particular work or range. Her more playful side usually manifests as Flowie. About ten years ago she decided to forfeit all else and make art, and especially painting, a career. As an artist she has come a long way since that time. She has grown immensely both technically and conceptually. She has participated in many exhibitions and she has sold numerous works. Currently she is also a sucessful gallery owner in Cape Town. Despite all of this, this is her first solo exhibition. Mariette believes in living in synergy with one own reality. She derives inspiration from things and events around her. Ideas are out there for grabs if one is open to receiving them a matter of syncronicity. Anything one intends is possible if one believes it can be actualised. These ideas of Mariette were reinforced when she became aquainted with Rhonda Byrne�s teachings on The Secret. This philosophy teaches that we are all creators and that if one sets oneself a vision, one then inevitably moves towards such a vision in tune with the laws of attraction. Human beings possess magnificence within themselves, in accordance with the magnificence of creation, which strives to break out. The power of one focus on such a vision provides the energy for actually attaining the envisioned goal. In this event the universe and life�s magic blend together to achieve what may have seemed impossible before.Concepts like these are, of course, not unique to Rhonda Byrne. It has long been known that positive affirmation tends to increase one self esteem, leading to an improved self image. Actions emanating from the basis of a positive self image tend to culminate in a self-fulfilling prophecy, which make it possible to extend ones abilities and attain goals beyond what one would initially have thought within one�s reach. According to Mariette, painting, to her, is a form of organising and focusing her thoughts and visualisations. She paints her dreams and wishes. A beholder may identify with a painting and so strike a note of commonality. Should this happen Mariette may actually have assisted such a viewer in ordering their own conceptual experiences through her operationalisation of an idea/wish. Further more, she feels that she may even render a contribution towards ordering the universe by ploughing back some thoughts after having processed them and especially in the event of their becoming more inclusive. Sometimes her dreams and wishes are quite basic, even primitive, and more developed and complex at other times. Everyday events and objects are transformed by an infusion of symbolism. If one opens oneself to awareness of life�s apparent trivialities, it becomes clear that a great deal of meaning can actually be derived from these. In Mariette words: I also believe that the small things in life can bring us a great deal of love and happiness.� As examples she notes animals and new born babies an experience she was very closely related to when her sister gave birth to a little girl on 8 July. Such an experience of love becomes part of oneself for ever. Despite her own truth, it is left to the observer to derive his or her own meaning from it. The works currently exhibited have been clustered under the title of Surprises from Heaven. Considering the above, it is easy to understand why. The use of colour has distinct meaning and is not just applied in order to complement another. They are vibrant with the purpose of being empowered to uplift the beholder spirits. Mariette tells us that the colours she used certainly had that effect on herself! Colour has the power to enhance one wellbeing. Many of the colours used even have extra pigments mixed into them so as to ensure maximum colour concentration.It will also be noted that fish is a favourite subject in many of the paintings. As a subject they link to many of the ideas expressed before. It is evident that the Creator was in very creative spirits when designing them. Such abundance of pattern, colour and sheer imagination is remarkable, almost beyond comprehension. Should this be our example to follow, imagine what could be achieved if we acknowledge our thoughts and permit them to manifest concretely. The paintings which are included in the exhibition are fresh and young. They speak of remarkable originality. According to Mariette herself, she enjoyed creating these paintings. They make her feel light and uplifted. They are easy on the eye, yet do provide food for thought.
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