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Marie Pejouan Photography
After graduating as an art historian at the Ecole du Louvre and at the Institut d’Art et d’Archéologie de Paris, (1976/1980) I worked in cultural communication for a number of years before definitively turning to painting in 1997. Both my training and my previous work have enabled me to create from the start a mature work, inspired by my passion for colour. Indeed, colour is an essential aspect of my work, both as brute material and as the privileged means of expression of my research. The importance of compositional structure, of movement, and of the permanent interaction of colour, is the thread linking all my works together Since 2002, is through digital art that I practice my work an art’s research. I have developed a style of creation where the pictorial element meets reality through the subjects I photograph: natural elements, landscapes, flowers or portraits… I integrate these elements into my numeric creations in order to create imaginary representations or dreamscapes.The objective representation of the subject is undermined and used but stays a consciously vindicated aspect of reality which is integrated in my work. It is this meeting, between my imaginary vision of the world and its objective reality as expressed through photography, which I have been exploring with passion.These lateral relations have opened up the doors to the most creative means of proposing my own vision of the world.
1976-1980. Graduate from Ecole du Louvre -Paris(School of Louvre) Licence of Art from the Sorbonne Paris .
Single Exhibitions:
Paris. Galerie Atrium ALCATEL- 48, rue de la Boétie. 75008-Paris ( Fevrier-Mars)
Bordeaux . Galerie Mably. Cour Mably- 34000- Bordeaux (Mars)
Aubigny – Galerie François 1er. 18700. Aubigny/Nere . 12/ 30 novembre.


Art shopping. Carroussel du Louvre- Octobre
Arte Studio . Florence- Italie -Décembre
Artist's Statement:
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