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Marek Petryk Paintings
Marek was born 1948 in Warsaw, Poland. In 1974 he graduated from The Technical University in Warsaw. Since 1976 he is living in Stockholm, Sweden. For many years he worked with IT in banking and telecom sectors. Art has been Mareks one dominating hobby since youth. Marek started paint abstract paintings seriously and regularly in 2003. He is self taught and he is still searching after the right method – from his own point of view – to explain himself in art.
As an artist he is autodidact, but the education at Warsaw Technical University (graduated in 1974) and in the Information Technology area in Sweden (1978) has had some influence on Mareks art – in associations between painted artefacts and reality as well as in importance of composition-element in his art-works.
Group Exhibitions:
2004 - Art Domain Gallery, Mallorca, Spain
- Agora Gallery, New York, USA
- Gallery ART, Stockholm, Sweden
2005 - Gallery Gora, Montreal, Canada
Artist's Statement:
My paintings have two very visible components – composition and colour. I use acrylics because of the brightness of the colour-palette. I like the intensity of bright colours. Even pure black or white are intensive colours in my view.Composition-elements build a picture – areas and signs. Harmony, proportions, diversity and simplicity are the most important elements in my idea of a rightly formed composition. I think it is very difficult to get all those elements work together. And I have to add colours too - to this element-group. It is not easy –but I am trying. I started out by painting on paper and canvas, but after some exercises with mixed media - I feel that usage of more different materials can lead me to better results. I like the more visible third dimension in my mixed-media art, but still my searching of harmony and simplicity can give beautiful results in form of both small and large paintings done in the most traditional manner.I prefer to paint in a large format, but it costs more – both materials and time. Failures are more expensive. Cheaper, smaller paintings or abstract-objects, opens the possibility to quickly test new forms and combinations of colours with a small financial risk if the result is not as fine as expected. And I should say something about my choice to paint abstract. I feel that abstract forms give me more freedom. For many years I have worked in an exactly defined world and those years still influence me especially with the associations I have, between my abstract paintings and components of the professional language I have used during my earlier career. But this influence of my earlier working-environment continuously decrease.
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