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Thai House 1
Thai House 2
Under House
Under Thai House 2
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Manit Gowarhit Paintings
December 21, 2524.Address 59 / 1 Moo 11 Tambon Ban Muang, Chiang Mai 50120 Thailand
Southern Cross Community portal home Tue Chiang Mai. - Art of Painting branch Lanna Rajamangala University of Technology. sculpture, video, Silpakorn University.
Painting contest FRANCO
- THAI PAINTING CONTEST No. 2 on the topic "Thai culture - French painting."
- Consolation prize art contest titled "Thai Orchid" No. 2 type as realistic Maejo Chiang Mai University.
- Outstanding Award Art Contest P.t.t. No. 21 in the section "is a Thai. Use only enough to eat ".
- Painting Competition honorable mention stem planting Thai Photo No. 1 type of foundations promoting Thai contemporary Si and Crafts.
- Painting Competition Award winner. Artificial color Silpkr No. 1 topic in the "present King made good".
- Painting Competition honorable mention honor of rainy season in 80 topics.
Single Exhibitions:
- exhibition "Art on the clay court Lanna artists on ".
- Էȡ Իѭҷͧ 2548 - Exhibition "local wisdom. Lanna art to create the earth "as measured Srisuphan Chiang Mai.
- Joint Art Exhibition of HM The King by ICC Internet Nation Channel Limited.
- The Special Art Exhibition
- Honor the Art Exhibition The Special Art Exhibition
49 gilded house Luang Chiang Mai honor.
- Exhibition "Lanna million elephants" at Mon Nan Nan Rim Gallery.
- 10 Year Anniversary Special Exhibition Hall of Culture Nitasns Sri Muang Phayao lamp applications.
Group Exhibitions:
- Art Exhibition Co-60 glorify the reign Amata Art Ward, No. 3.
- Exhibition Home and Garden Art Gallery.
- Joint Exhibition of Painting show "Sing looking through Art" at Central World Bangkok
- Joint Exhibition of Painting Bualuang No. 30 by Bangkok Bank.
- Exhibition Home & Garden Art Gallery.
- Exhibition "Art P.t.t. No. 24.
Artist's Statement:
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