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Malika Kettani Paintings
She began to paint, draw and color since a very young age. When she had the opportunity to hold a paint brush in her hands, she would seize this chance without hesitation. She used to paint on egg shells and draw for most of her siblings as well as friends. At elementary and secondary school, people regarded her artistic talents with amazement. This artist’s name is Malika El Kettani…
Malika El Kettani is a Moroccan artist born in Damascus, Syria in the year 1963. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry the year 1984 in Saudi Arabia. This was the first country to inspire her to paint and set artistic ambitions for herself. When she returned to her native country, Morocco, she pursued her ART Studies in Casablanca, Morocco. After three successful years of ART, she received her ART Diploma in 1996.
Group Exhibitions:
Her works of art have been exhibited in some foreign countries and in Morocco. Furthermore, Morocco has been the cornerstone of her career.
Artist's Statement:
Today, I am continuing to paint and express my opinions through my paintings with my husband’s and children’s support.
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