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Broken seed
Del silencio a la vida
Mother Earth I Poporo series
volviendo a la vida
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Lucia Nebel Sculptures
I was born in Bogotá, Colombia. I have been a sculptress since 1991, when I started working at Alicia Tafur´s atelier. First the material I chose was cast bronze, but lately I am working with iron and stainless steel. The pre-Columbian work has been the principal element in my work. At the beginning, through the spiral, I combine figuration and abstraction through silent faces that establish a certain duality. I make more emphasis in space and less in volume, where lyrics, equilibrium and aesthetics combine. At the present time, I am working with the poporos or ritual vessels. I also use pre-Columbian fragments of textiles and ceramics in two-dimensional works. I pretend to make a contemporary interpretation of the work created by our ancestors.
Art & Decoration, Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá- Sculpture, Atelier of Alicia Tafur, Bogotá- Art Critique Appreciation, Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogotá-Courses with different Latin American Masters such as Cesar Andrade, Luis Miranda, Rubén Echanique, Marta Guevara, Maria Moran-Juan Carlos Aldana- Jewelry, Atelier of Nuri Carulla, Bogotá, Colombia.
* 2002 1st Sculpture Prize, VI Rotary Salon of the Arts, Bogotá, Colombia
* 1997 1st Prize FIABSI Contest, Colombia version, Bogotá
* 1998 Trophy III National Contest of Chemistry, Bucaramanga, Colombia –
* 1998 Trophy Mutatis Mutandi, School of Communications Monica Herrera,
Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador -
* 1997 Trophy, Carlos Nebel MD Regatta, Salinas, Ecuador
Single Exhibitions:
* 2006 Inter-American Development Bank Art Gallery, Washington, D.C.
* 2002 Municipal Museum, Guayaquil, Ecuador
* 2002 Kingman’s Art Gallery, Quito, Ecuador
* 2001 Museo Bolivariano. Contemporary Art Museum, Santa Marta, Colombia
* 2000 Calle de la Cultura, Centro Andino, Bogotá, Colombia
* 1999 Origen Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia
* 1998 C. P. A. Gallery, Bogotá
* 1997 Consulate General of Colombia, Miami, Florida, USA
* 1996 Nahim Isaias Museum, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Group Exhibitions:
* 2006 Cancer on canvas, The Royal School of Art, London, England
* 2005 Brass Iron Steel, Four Proposals, Carrión Vivar Gallery, Bogotá. Colombia
* 2005 Southern Sounds, Praxis Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
* 2005 Wish you were here, A.I.R. Gallery, New York.
* 2004 August Biennale, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bogotá, Colombia
• 2002 First Sculpture Biennale of the Andes, Municipal Museum, Cuenca, Ecuador
• 2002 VI Rotary Salon of the Arts, Bogotá, Colombia
* 2001 Kuntz 2001, Casa Cuadrada Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia
• 2000 Chamber of Commerce, Bogotá, Colombia
• 2000 Origin Gallery, Standing Collection, Bogotá, Colombia
• 1999 IV Rotary Salon of the Arts, Italian Center, Bogotá, Colombia
• 1998 Fenalco Gallery of Art, Collection, Bogotá, Colombia
• 1998 Festival of the Caribbean, Festivity of fire, Santiago, Cuba
• 1997 Artist Gallery, Standing Collection, Baltimore, Maryland USA
• 1997 Art of America 97, Miami, Florida, USA
• 1997 Seven Woman of Seven Countries, The Florida Museum of Hispanic and
Latin American Art, Miami, Florida, USA
• 1996 La Chuquiragua Gallery, Quito, Ecuador
Artist's Statement:
Pre-Columbian art was the expression of the image of our people. On some occasions things were fabricated as objects to be used and others with an esthetic intention. For its achievement they recurred to an expression, a curvature, to the organic, to the abstraction and steadiness of figure, where the concept is maintained, not its individuality. It is a visual abstraction, representing a world of the spirit and the mind.First, through the spiral, I combine figuration and abstraction through silent faces that establish a certain duality; them appeared the forms insinuating figures and making more emphasis in space and less in volume. Later I made a halt in seeds as a sing of life. On this occasion the prominent role in my work are textile designs, ceramic and poporos or ritual vases. Here exists a relationship with pre-Spaniard mythology and the strengths used by our predecessors. The work “Weaving History” represents textiles. One my observe the use of graphic design with geometric figures in its more pure and abstract form. It generates an infinite repertoire of simple and compound forms, where only a few reveal it all.The series “Continuing Lines” represents fragments of pre-Columbian ceramics.Poporos are legendary containers used in ritual ceremonies where the indigenous people kept the alkaline powder and in it they would mix the coca leaf. This would lead them into a trance for their communication with the gods. Thought, labor, words are kept here. It is a path to learning. It is the womb of mother earth.If we look at the past, we can see how the pre-Columbian objects and its culture has been obliterated. These is what I represent in my work. Time creates history but also destroys it.
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