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Lourdes Ortiz Paintings
Lourdes Ortizaugust 31st, 1968 Veracruz , Ver., México.
professional educationCristóbal Colón University 1º, 2º y 3º semesters, mayor in Architecture. `86 - `87. Veracruz, Ver.Gestalt design school1º year, Graphic design technician. `87 - `88. Veracruz, Ver.Universidad de las Américas, Puebla. Mayor in Graphic design. `88 - `93. Veracruz, Ver.coursesDesign and composition. Universidad Veracruzana. Industrial designer andarchitect Joel Olivares.`87 - ´88. Veracruz, Ver. Batik painting. Gestalt design school. Verano`94. Veracruz, Ver.Ink on silk. Textile designer and artist Paulina Hinojosa. Primavera`98. México, DF.Drawing shop. Artist Aureliano Sánchez. Academia de San Carlos.ENAP. `00 - `03. México D.F.Drawing shop. Artist Renato Esquivel. Academia de San Carlos. ENAP.`00 - `03. México D.F.Pinting techinics. Artist Luis Nishizawa. Museo Taller Nishizawa. Feb. -July `00. Toluca, México.Drawing shop. Artist Gustavo Aceves. `03 -´06. México D.F.Drawing shop. Artist Tomás Gómez Robledo.`04-´06. México D.F.
Single Exhibitions:
`93. individual. Hotel Lois.
Veracruz, Ver. México.
`94. individual. Hotel Fiesta Americana.
Veracruz, Ver. México.
`98 - `02. individual.
Fundación “Casa de Andrea”, México, DF.
`00 - `02. individual.
Suprema Corte de Justicia.
`04. individual. "Mapas". Galería Sintaxis (Atrio espacio cultural). México, D.F.
´05. individual. Cuore café-galería. México D.F.
´05. permanent. Mural digital
(5.20 X 1 m) Condechi café. México, D.F.
´05. permanent. Mural digital
(4.80 X 1.20 m) Love discotique. México, D.F.
´07. individual. Galería Nadia Montefiore.
México D.F.
´07. individual. Casa Principal.
Veracruz, Ver.,México.
´08. individual. Casa Principal.
Veracruz, Ver., México.
Group Exhibitions:
`88. colective. Escuela Gestalt.
Veracruz, Ver. México.
`02 - `03. colective. Galería Hauss. México, DF.
`02 - `03 colective. ANAPCAA .A.C.
Casa de la cultura de México en San Antonio, Texas, USA.
`03. auction. ANAPCAA A.C. Marriot hotel for AMANC foundation. México, D.F.
´06. colective. Artistas del Atrio. México D.F.
Artist's Statement:
After experimenting with differet materials (ink on silk, acrylic, watercolor) formats and canvases, I´ve reached to this new work series (from abs. 16) in which more than a painting its a worked stain.This new serie comes from wounds, physical and espiritual ones. It is economic in color, but not in movement and speech.I rather work on, at least, 1.80 m canvases, because it is there where I can truly work this “wounds”.
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