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Garden Vessel
Large Salt Glazed Bowl
Medium Salt Glazed Bowl
Small Cone Vessel
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Louisa Taylor Applied Art
Since graduating from Bath Spa University College in July 2003, I am currently a self-employed ceramicist based in North Lincolnshire. As a young art graduate from Somerset, I felt ready for a challenge and decided that this would be a good opportunity to continue my work and gain valuable experience. My aim of this business venture is to establish myself as a ceramic artist producing pieces for galleries and commissions.
2003 BA(Hons) Three-Dimensional Design/Ceramics.
Selected Commissions/collections:
2002 Artist-in-Residence, The Ridley Tree Education Centre, Santa Barbara, USA.
Group Exhibitions:
2003 New Designers, Business Design Centre, London. First View Gallery, Stourhead, Wiltshire.
Artist's Statement:
Influenced by flamboyant Baroque and Rococo architecture, my work combines classical design with regal colours, characteristic of this historical period. Together with thrown sections, 1 exploit the soft clay by piping it like icing, to create extravagant bowls and quirky garden vessels. My aim was to reflect on a culture that appreciated exuberance and luxury. With this in mind, I planned to create 'contemporary antiques' that were lavishly decorated and elegant. As I progressed through my degree I became fascinated by movement and capturing energy. I began piping the clay in order to produce a lively and playful surface. The nature of this technique is very spontaneous which allows me to make each piece individual. The thrown rim and base calms the fast movement of the piped area and brings a sense of control to the form. During my third year studies at Bath Spa University College, I became very interested in Salt Glazing as a way of producing a distinctive surface finish. This method of glazing was common practice during the Baroque and Rococo period and therefore particularly appropriate to my work. Salt Glazing involves firing a reduction kiln to 1300C at which, packages of domestic salt are put into the kiln at regular intervals. The salt reacts with the atmosphere in the kiln and the silica in the clay and produces a glossy orange peel coating. The range of glazes that can be achieved are very diverse and I enjoyed discovering new colours and lustres. Since graduating I have moved to a pottery in North Lincolnshire to establish myself as a self employed ceramic artist. Alongside the Reema Ware range I am currently exploring porcelain to combine the fresh qualities of this clay body with my piping technique, to give the appearance of soft ice-cream.
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