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Monkey Brain
Salty Fish Net
Since the Beginning of Time
Sun Dry Salty Fish
The Beauty of Coming to Life
The Tatoo of Pain
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Linda Liao Paintings
1962Born in Nanning (Guangxi), China.1962 - 1987Spent her childhood and youth during the Cultural |Revolution:"Red School" and high school where she taught herself art and painting.1987Went to Australia to study language and business. nursing, also studied painting and drawing in painters' studios in Melbourne.1994Travelled in Europe for one year, went to see all the museums and galleries she could.1995Settled herself in Hong Kong, together with her French boyfriend. |They got married and now have two sons. 2004 to currentStarts full-time painting in her studio in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
Self taught in painting.Nursing degree
Single Exhibitions:
May - Jue, 2004, Zheng Mo, Guangzhou, PRC.

Jul - Aug, 2006, Kapok Gallery, Tin Hau, Hong Kong.

Sept - Oct, 2007, East-by-East Gallery, Paris, France.
Group Exhibitions:
May - Jun, 2004, See Ranch, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

Sept, 2006, East-by-East Gallery, Paris, France.

Nov - Dec, 2007, Koru Gallery, Aberdeen, Hong Kong.
Artist's Statement:
A contemporary painter has to paint what is happening at the present time. The inspiration of the paintings are coming from everyday life around her, anything from a political issue to a drunken moment. Some are provocative, questioning our thoughts and ethics. Others are comforting and soothing. As the subjects vary, so does the technique, both are carefully thought out and matched, to make a statement of the subject's mood and emotion. Colours are vibrant, either with a range or a monochrome.
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