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Linda Armstrong Paintings
Linda Armstrong, daughter of a California Scene Painter, grew up with art. After many years of elementary school teaching, she suffered a spiritual crisis and began to paint. Her first works were abstract. She moved on to do figurative works for about ten years, but in the last few years, she has returned to abstract expressionism.
Linda took some painting and design classes in college. In fact, she met her husband in a class taught by Vija Celmins. Her major, however, was English. She has always written poetry. She approaches her abstract pieces just as she does her poems. She begins them, and then continues until she recognizes a composition that "works". She considers her most important education the time she spent in museums, especially The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Norton Simon in Pasadena, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The Blue Four, the Postimpressionists, Diebenkorn, and Robert Irwin have been major influences.
Single Exhibitions:
Group Exhibitions:
Linda has shown her work in a number of small galleries in the Los Angeles area, Orlando, now in Tarzana, was especially helpful. She has had no major single exhibitions.
Artist's Statement:
I do not believe that painting is dead. I believe in the power of art. It is another way to understand the world. Actually, "understand" does not fit, since it is really a way to stand within the world and experience powerful connections that usually go unnoticed. Art is an antidote for the essential loneliness of life; it is about wholeness. Art is threatening to those who would assert their authority over others, not because of any message it might impart, but rather because of its power to call forth the power of the individual spirit. I find that I have a close affinity with the Remodernists.
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