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Dancing with shadow
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Lia Chechelashvili Paintings
”Lia Chechelashvili uses lines to describe relationships. Her painting The Cube depicts two figures: one female figure made of weightless line that freely moves about as it describes the female form and one male figure that exists more statically in the lower region of The Cube. The play between Chechelashvili's figures and her clever use of line is telling. With just enough information she describes a universal relationship within a closed system - a familiar allegory of male and female archetypes. With well-considered line she defines a still introverted male, facing away from the viewer and the curvilinear levitating female. Chechelashvili's work examines human narrative within reductive form. Her background in quantitative thinking is a visible component in her efficiently designed figures and volumes. Chechelashvili's figures exist between physiological and psychological representation. With linear transformations she skews the viewer's perceptions and entices a rewarding visual journey.”
Self Taught
Single Exhibitions:
Solo exhibition in Old gallery, Tbilisi, March 1995.
Solo exhibition in Old gallery, Tbilisi, January 1999.
Solo exhibition “Interactions” in gallery, Port d’Andratx, Mallorca, Spain, September 2003.
Group Exhibitions:
Group exhibition “New Colours“, International company “Anima“ presents self-educated painters in Modern art gallery, Tbilisi, November 1993.
Group exhibition in World Fine Art gallery, Chelsea, New York, February 2004.
Group exhibition “Urbanscene” in Primo Piano Living gallery, Lecce, Italy, June 2004.
Group exhibition “Summer2004” in, Barcelona, Spain, June 2004.
Salon International de St Jean de Monts at Palais des Congrès de St Jean de Monts, France, July 2004.
Group exhibition “A History of Conflict-A future of Hope” in Frazier Museum, Louisville, Kentucky, USA, September 2004.
Group exhibition at Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain, October 2004.
Permanent exhibition at Galerie Natalie Boldyreff, Paris, France, 2005.
Exhibition in Salon d'Automne 2005 which took place at Parc Floral de Paris, from 20 till 30 October; Paris, France, 2005.
Participation in biennale “EMMA 2007”, European Masters of Modern Art, which took place in historical water-castle in Burgau, Austria,
from 14 April till 5 May 2007.
Publications :
Article in « Vecherni Tbilisi », weekly newspaper, Tbilisi, 8 March 1999.
Article in ArtisSpectrum Magazine, volume#12, New York, February 2004.
Article in « Ouest France », dedicated to the painters who participated in Salon International de St Jean de Monts au Palais des Congrès de St Jean de Monts, France, 26 July 2004.
“Who's Who in Visual Art”, Vol 2006-2007, Art Domain Whois Verlag, Leipzig, 2006
Artist's Statement:
I get an immense pleasure while creating figurative compositions with white lines on dark background. Human figures, their interaction, linear transformations of the objects, rhythmic harmony of construction and on the other hand strong emotional charge, these are the main features of my work. Linear style has become dominating in my activity since 1989, although during all this time I have also been creating color figurative compositions with substantive philosophical and psychological content. I got the opportunity of international exposure only since 2003. I had several exhibitions in Spain, USA, Italy, France and Austria.
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