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Among Giants
Eye To Eye
Signs Of Time
Waverley Abbey Ruins
The Crossing
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Levente Toth Photography
Hungarian-born, started photography at the age of 13, using a fully manual camera - which was definitely a tool for putting anybody in touch with the core essence of photography :-) Switched to mostly digital work in recent years. Was influenced by Transylvanian & Hungarian medieval architecture while growing up.Presently mostly focusing on architecture (classical and modern), abstract and travel photography, especially interested in interaction between people and classical architecture as juxtapositions of the ephemeral and (often seemingly) eternal.
Diploma in Electronic Engineering. PhD in artificial intelligence (3D Image Recognition System).
London Photography Awards 2005 - Gold Prize in 'Urbanscape with figures' competition, series of 6 photos
Basingstoke Slide Exhibition, 2005 - 2 Merit Awarded slide entries
Selected Commissions/collections:
Published work and representation:

Represented by John Shelley International and Indigo Art Ltd. (latter in their Urban Collection).
Works used by Akademi South Asian dance group (promo materials).
Selected work has been featured on BBC Talent 2004 (Week 10 Showcase)
Portfolio + interview commissioned by Digital Camera Magazine, April 2006
Album cover & inlay sleeve work (for Metal Blade Records).
Portfolios in Black & White Photography Magazine, Photography Monthly.
Individual works were also published in Practical Photography, Photography Monthly, Digital Photographer, Digital Photo Techniques, Digital Photography Buyer & User.
Member of Bureau of Freelance Photographers.

Group Exhibitions:
Basingstoke Annual Slide Exhibition 2005, 2006
Salisbury Slide Exhibition 2005
Farnborough Exhibitions 2003-2005
Artist's Statement:
Light travels trough a lens, some medium captures the silent shapes depicted by it - a physical, mechanical, chemical process… But each place or moment often acquires its magic from the people that live there... and while people may be indeed ephemeral elements among the enduring vestiges they and their ancestors created, they are the elements that make those places truly magical. Hence my ideal is to be able to convey not just the mood of a place and something about its people, but also the effect that it had on me- hence maybe, hopefully, making it personal.
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