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Dragon and Carp
Carp Letter Holder
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Lesley Pyke Applied Art
Glass is a most alluring and baffling medium! I was introduced to this medium in 1983, was instantly entranced and have been passionately involved with it ever since. I have had a full time business offering Glass Engraving and Sandblasting for 23 years now and presently sit on the Council of the Guild of Glass Engravers, London.I have a workshop and showroom in Suffolk where my customers can purchase masterpieces from my gallery and order bespoke glass/crystal work.However I have not always been in the UK, in fact I have only been here 5 years. I am Zimbabwean born to British parents. Based in Harare I grew my glass business there until the political situation made it impossible and unsafe to remain. I have built the business here from scratch and presently sell worldwide.When I am not engraving I express myself in oils, watercolours, pastels, and pencil.Other hobbies include golf and the gym.
Self Taught in the art of Glass Engraving since 1983.
There are no awards for such a business in Zimbabwe. I look forward to these possibilities now I am in the UK.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Presidantial presentations, corporate awards, Hotel/restaurant/club decor, I have engraved gifts for just about every ocassion there is. As it has been a full time business for 23 years, most of my every day work is commission work. Every job is different and I am often challenged with my clients imagination. My work is now all over the world.
Single Exhibitions:
Permanent exhibition in own gallery
Group Exhibitions:
Guild of Glass Engravers bi-annual National exhibitions
Artist's Statement:
My work is varied from small simple sandblasted tumbler to very large hand engraved commissions, largest to date being a set of 6 sliding doors around a patio overlooking a swimming pool and tennis court in a private home. Then there are my masterpieces which will be what you see for sale here. They will be whatever I am in the mood for, could be clear crystal or it could be a crystal overlay in various colours, it could be itaglio engraved, relief engraved, cameo engraved, surface engraved, it could be Art Nouveau or it could be modern, I will have hand engraved them all but may incorporate sandblasting and acid etching for special effect.
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