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London at night
Sunflowers IV
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Lena Kurovska Paintings
Lena Kurovska, the Ukrainian artist was born in Kyiv, Ukraine.
During 1980-1987 Lena attended the Kiev State Art School where she studied classical drawing and composition.In 1997 she graduated from the National Academy of Art and Architecture, where she was influenced by the works of the prominent impressionists.
Single Exhibitions:
2006 - The Mall Galleries, London
2006 - 59th exhibition of the Chelsea Art Society, London.

Her artworks are in private collections in Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, the USA and Japan.
Artist's Statement:
Lena Kurovska is focused on still-lives and landscapes, painted wherever she travels. Lena completes her landscapes on plain air and her still lives are done on location. She uses oils, acrylics and pastel. Lena works in impressionist style. All her canvases are light, lyrical, warm and colourful.
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