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Beach Highway
Beach Highway #2
Breakfast of Champions#4
City Canyon # 8
City Canyon #7
City Overpass
Drive Home
Plateau Town
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Larry Morace Paintings
Larry Morace is a painter living in the USA.
1975 Indiana University, B.F.A. Studies 1973 Herron Art School, Indianapolis, Graphic Design 1971 Indiana University, B.A., Psychology
Single Exhibitions:
2003 Robert Allen Fine Art, San Francisco, CA
2003 Greenwood Chebithes Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
2003 PARC Gallery, Palo Alto, CA
2002 Arts Benicia Gallery, Benicia, CA
2001 Dolby Chadwick, San Francisco, CA
2001 Diane Nelson Fine Art, Laguna Beach, CA
2001 A Muse Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
2001 Thomas Reynolds Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1994 Joan Roebuck Gallery, Lafayette, CA
1993 Napa Valley College Gallery, Napa, CA
1993 Arts Benicia Gallery, Benicia, CA
1991 Marathon Plaza Gallery, San Francisco
1991 Harleen & Allen Fine Art, San Francisco
1989 University Club, San Francisco
1989 Harleen & Allen Fine Art, San Francisco
Group Exhibitions:
2004 Greenwood Chebithes Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
2003 "Series of Three," Plaza Arts Gallery, Healdsburg, CA
2000 Artists of the West, A Muse Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
1999 Working From The Figure, Juried Exhibition, Arts Benicia, CA
1999 A Survey of Bay Area Artists, Fresh Paint, Culver City, CA
1997 Occupied Territories: Images of Human Presence in the Landscape, Arts Benicia Gallery, Benicia, CA
1995-96 Capricorn Gallery, Bethesda, Maryland
1994 Creativity Explored Installation, San Francisco Center, S.F.
1994 Contemporary Still Life, Lynn House Gallery, Antioch, CA
1994 Floral Visions, Gallery Viva, Kawasaki, Japan
1993 House of Cards Bay Area Greeting Card Juried Invitational, The Jewish Museum, San Francisco
1993 Selections from 1992, Open Studios Annual, San Francisco
1993 "In and Out: Urban and Rural Landscapes," Opts. Art Gallery, S.F.
1992 "Painting and Sculpture," Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco
1991 Wet Paint, Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco
1991 American Artists Show, Tokyo, Japan
1990 Charlotte National, Charlotte, North Carolina
1986 "Chain Reaction" Group Show, S.F. Art Commission Gallery
Artist's Statement:
Larry Morace"Once More With Feeling" SeriesThe "Once More with Feeling" still-life series is an approach I stumbledupon a few years ago while painting small still-lifes. It was a way torespond to the problem of wanting a perfect painting, a silly idea I amcontinually plagued by. This idea of perfection or "mo' better" has ledme to totally rework the same painting again and again in a kind of arthell of infinite regress. The "Once More with Feeling" approach allowedme to just say no to these tempting reworks and, instead, do the pieceagain as a new version.Also, this repeating the same image again and again is meant to providea kind of sensory deprivation, where my brain is forced to repeatitself, a painful thing to us "non-machines", and thus I may be moreprone to do something drastic and actually escape from my prison ofstyle.The still lifes are grouped together, not because they necessarily lookgood together, but as a contrast/comparison to show how typically theidea of improvement while difficult to pull of can lead to interestingvariations. It allows the public to see in a more transparent way theartistic process of this kind of exploration. However, I get a littleuneasy sometimes when nothing drastic seems to happen between sayversion one and version three and I begin to wonder just how muchdifference there really is between me and some poor machine caught up inan endless loop.So there is the question of how drastic the changes should be; how manyversions to do; what progress is being made. Which version is best?This is part of the lesson I'm trying to learn with this approach.© Larry Morace, 2003. Larry Morace"Explorations in Painting"This collection of paintings combines current paintings and pastels withsome previous work. As distinct as they appear, the still lifes andurbanscapes share much in common. They are about light and how we seeour world with a minimum of visual information. They're also about theemotional response of the artist and how that changes the image intosomething more personal and expressive. In my case, the result is asense of movement and urgency, and an effort to create a beautiful,rhythmical quality to the drawing.I work from urban images for several reasons. I love cities. They‚reour cultural national parks, full of beautiful visual moments. There‚s aready-made structure to a city, with its rectangular and cylindricalforms. As I observe the way light falls across buildings, streets andcars, I sense pleasing rhythms and search for essential visual patternsI can simplify. I start the drawing from what I see, like a musicianplaying from sheet music, but drift quickly sets in. The painting takeson a life of its own and I find myself improvising. The drawing neverbecomes abstract, but can hover on the border of perception.I am reminded constantly when I work that too much clarity can obscure.© Larry Morace, 2003.
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