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After the Storm 2005
Breath of Eternity
Green Whirl 2004
Lilac Nocturn
Ocean of Imagination
On the top
Pink Energy
Rain 2006
Russian Landscape 2006
Sacred Island
Springwave 2006
Storm 2005
The Road from Samsara 2003
Twilight 2006
When The Earth
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Larisa Pilinsky Paintings
Born in the remote mountains of central Asia,Lark (Larisa Pilinsky) grew up in Ukraine and studied art in Russia. She first became known for her work with the award-winning Bunker Art Group of Armenia —“fellow rebels in abstraction” against Soviet artistic repression. Since emigrating to the United States in 1991, Lark has been recognized by respected critics and dealers. Her assemblages and, more recently, her paintings, have been featured in more than 30 solo and group shows including the Nickelodeon Animation Studios, the Avatar Art Gallery, the Swedish-American Museum of Art, and the Museums of Contemporary Art in Armenia and Russia. Lark’s work has been selected through juried competitions by the SoHo International Art Competition and the Foundation of Collage Artists of America.Lark creates assemblages by recycling found objects and processing them through spiritual meditation, encouraging images to appear out of her subconscious, awakening both familiar and unfamiliar thoughts in viewers. Learning about her materials by exploring both their formal and their narrative qualities, she simultaneously reformulates them according to her deeply emotional, poetically romantic sense of beauty.Their original functions discarded, their origins long forgotten, the objects she engages and interacts with are free to play imagined roles, resonating within one another and telling countless tales.
Self Taught.
Single Exhibitions:
01/2006 Sweet Nothings Nicka Art Gallery Tzfat, Israel
11/2006 Art, Music and Poetry Unite, Bodhi Tree West Hollywood, USA
05/2005 The Road From Samsara, Derek's Satellite USC Gallery Pasadena, USA
02/2005 Could You Resist… Ushangi Fine Art Studio Venice, USA
01/2002 Transcending the Visible Avatar Gallery Pomona, USA
11/2001 Life is a Play Nickelodeon Art Gallery Burbank, USA
Group Exhibitions:
09/2006 Open Door, Don O’Melveny Gallery Los Angeles, USA
07/2006 Out Of The Box two person exhibit, Don O’Melveny Gallery Los Angeles, USA
06/2006 Art As Mystical Anarchy, Don O’Melveny Gallery Los Angeles, USA
11/2005 Chance, Jan Gallery Los Angeles, USA
09/2005 Art in Context Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Los Angeles, USA
07/2005 Broken Eggs, IGM USC Gallery Los Angeles, USA
06/2004 Intertwine art show and poetry reading, Hudson Theater Los Angeles, USA
04/2004 Unity and Diversity, Pacific Design Center West Hollywood, USA
01/2004 Way To Neoabstract Art, Gallery A Moscow Russia
08/2003 International Assemblage group show, Don O'Melveny Gallery West Hollywood, USA
05/2003 God Knows Enisen Gallery Glendale, USA
04/2003 Peter Frank Selects… juried show, Don O'Melveny Gallery Los Angeles, USA
10/2002 Freedom To Create, Edward Goldman juried show Los Angeles, USA
06/2002 Agora Gallery 18th Anniversary juried show New York, USA
04/2002 Los Angeles Museum of Assemblage group show Los Angeles, USA
03/2002 Bunker in UCLA, UCLA's Kirkhoff Gallery Westwood, USA
10/2001 Bunker in Los Angeles group show, Don O’Melveny Gallery West Hollywood, USA
10/2001 Sarakh Circle group show, Swedish-American Museum of Art Chicago, USA
09/2001 Svitozor Fine Arts Gallery group show Santa Barbara, USA
09/2001 Bunker in Moscow group show, Central House of Artists Moscow, Russia
08/2001 Bunker in Yerevan group show, Museum of Contemporary Art Yerevan, Armenia
06/2001 Open Air Art Exhibition group show Glendale, USA
05/2001 Collage Artists of America George Herms juried show, Viva Gallery Northridge, USA
04/2001 Open Air Art Exhibition group show Glendale, USA
11/2000 Bunker Group group show, Third Millenium Gallery Beverly Hills, USA
10/2000 The Art of Communication BGH Gallery Santa Monica, CA.
09/2000 Go, Figure!, Sulkin/Secant Gallery Santa Monica, USA
11/1999 Foundation of Creative Arts group show, Int'l Contemp. Art Gallery Los Angeles, USA
06/1998 The Poetry and Art of Lark and Kiki, Artworks/Bookart Gallery Santa Monica, USA
Artist's Statement:
The freedom to create. Such a beautiful abstract idea—the fairy bird of my dreams! I made the first step to catch it: I became an artist. I stepped into the unknown, leaving behind the safety of blending with the surroundings.I have the courage to take the next step—to shutter the white silence of a new canvas or cardboard into chaos—and then find the courage to create from it my own small universe. When there is harmony in this newly created world, I find joy. When there is not, sorrow finds me and I return my creation back into chaos.I pull myself up, as Baron Munchausen did, to free my roots. I lift my feet up from the soil and become a lark. At this moment I soar through time between earth and heaven, breathing happily the air of revelation. I have been lucky to receive this great gift of inspiration and to survive the pain of missing it when I must fall back into the routine of everyday life.I managed to save my childish, mischievous ways of playing with objects, giving them a new mysterious meaning. I love cutting credit cards—ugly symbols of financial power—in small parts and using them again to build kaleidoscopes of colors and shapes which, if put in proper combinations, shine suddenly with shy spiritual beauty.But cutting credit cards and even money does not really free my wings nailed on the cross of material reality. So I brought my creations to art galleries, stepping inside as if stepping inside temples. What I found, however, were big market places where thousands waited in line to display and sell their art.And yet…I still hold onto my freedom to create—my fiery fairy bird. What torture and what bliss to be caught in its flames!
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