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A Breath of Autumn
A Christmas Story
Elder Statesman
In Triplicate
Newbury Baths
Snow Clouds
Trial Run
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Kristine Nason Paintings
For as long as she can remember Kristine Nason could draw and capture a likeness, and by the time she was fourteen she was selling paintings through local galleries and accepting commissions for equestrian studies.
A training in business management and graphic design taught disciplines and techniques that served her well through a career in commercial art, where she was involved both in managing companies and producing artwork. Starting off in advertising, she moved into fine-art publishing and gallery management, before running a design-for-print business in west London. Her artwork has been published in a multitude of forms – from biscuit wrappers, to limited-edition fine-art prints, to magazine and book illustrations.
Selected Commissions/collections:
1996 - Father and Son commissioned by Jamil Budeiri
1997 - Danielle and Paige commissioned by David Timney
1998 - Angus commissioned by Mr and Mrs Gough
1999 - Tyburn commissioned by Sally Legouix
1999 - Ishtar commissioned by Sarah Pacey
2000 - Copper commissioned by Clare Gough
2001 - Lucy and Kiwi commissioned by Mr and Mrs Caen
2001 - Roger's Three Kings commissioned by Mr Roger Miles
2001 - Tully commissioned by Alison Sanders
2001 - Muscadet commissioned by Mrs Annie Cardone
Single Exhibitions:
1987 - Kristine Nason, Paintings and Prints, Arts Theatre, London
2001 - Work in Action, Holme Grange Craft Village, Wokingham, Berkshire
Group Exhibitions:
1993 - Annual Society of Equestrian Artists, Christies, London
1994 - Annual Society of Equestrian Artists, Royal Overseas League, London
1997 - Annual Society of Equestrian Artists, Christies, London
1998 - Open Exhibition, Reading Guild of Artists, Reading Central Library
1998 - Annual, Wokingham and District Arts Group, St Paul's Wokingham
1999 - Business Design Centre, Islington, Artists and Illustrators Exhibition, Society for All Artists, London
2000 - Patchings Farm Exhibition, Calverton, Nottinghamshire
2000 - Paws 2000, Harlequin Centre, Watford
2000 - Born Free Charity Showcase, A and I Exhibition, Olympia 2, London
2000/1 - Full Members Exhibition, Reading Guild of Artists, Museum of Reading
2001 - Patchings Farm Open Exhibition, Calverton, Nottinghamshire
2001 - Artists and Illustrators Exhibition, Society for All Artists, London
2002 - Art 4 Life, Christie’s, St. James’ London
2002 - PAWS 2002, Artists & Illustrators Exhibition, Design Centre, London
2002 - Society of Equestrian Artists, Christie’s, St. James’ London
2002 - “Best in Show”, The Walton Gallery, Gloucester Road, London
2002 - Spirit of Christmas, Olympia, London
2003 - The Fine Art Trade Guild Exhibition, various locations
2003 - Society of Equestrian Artists, Mall Galleries, London
Artist's Statement:
There is beauty in truth. My remit as a portrait painter is to find that truth. When I have sympathetically recorded surface details, and distilled the elusive essence of personality to radiate from a painting, then all of my subjects are truly beautiful
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