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Light Above, Light Below
Lilies, Layers of Light
Tropical Blue
Reflections, Ripples, Koi
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Kit Hoisington Paintings
Hoisington's subjects are life and light. She focuses on forms that grow, natural ones rather than man-made, including the human figure, studies of fruits, flowers, vegetables and shells, and the recent “Tree Portrait series.” Her landscapes invariably include water – in all its forms, from oceans to streams – most recently the "Koi Pool series" of a fish-pool with light in the ripples and reflections as well as bouncing up off the shallow bottom. Her work is painted or drawn from life or en plein air, where natural color and light make a complex and interesting interplay of forms.
Cornell University & Michigan State University; language certification from Beijing Language Institute; Painting Master Classes with painter, Hollis Jeffcoat
Giverny, France, 2004 & 2005, visiting artist on invitation of ArtStudy, an art school based in Giverny, founded by painter, Gale Bennett
Selected Commissions/collections:
Illustrations for author, Phil Carter, 2005;
Illustrations for author, David Richards, 2003;
Hoisington's work is in private collections in Australia, France, Greece, Holland, Portugal and the U.K. as well as the USA.
Single Exhibitions:
Lee County, Florida, invitational, first artist in New Program, 2005;
"Light & Color", Sanibel Public Library, 2005;
"A Traveller's Tales", Alliance for the Arts, Ft. Myers, FL, 2003
Group Exhibitions:
Approximately 25 group shows and several galleries in Florida and around the USA, 2000-2006
Artist's Statement:
Hoisington lived for 17 years outside of the USA, 11 years based in Holland, four in Asia and two in Africa, and traveled extensively for her work (in development economics) throughout Asia, Africa and the former Soviet Union. During that time, she worked in watercolor and pen and ink, in travelers’ notebooks. She still works in this vein, in June 2003 spending time in Guanajuato, Mexico on the invitation of David Richards, former Chief Theater Critic of The New York Times, to do pen and ink illustrations for his book about the area. In 2004 and 2005, she was visiting artist/ assistant to Gale Bennett at his school ArtStudy in Giverny, France. She and her husband have been residents of Sanibel Island, Florida since 2000, where the tropical vegetation and water in all its forms are now present in her work.On the "Tree Portrait series": “ ‘Trees grow through the cracks in space.’ This explanation, which I read long ago in a book about design, form and biology, has never left me, and in my portraits of individual trees, I am conscious of the idea of the constraints of space, light and water on their shape. I also think of trees as guardians, of us and of the earth, an anthropomorphism that reflects a biological reality. I have worked and lived in the Sahel, in drier parts of China, as well as central Arizona, where I worked for architect Paolo Soleri on the Arcosanti project, long ago. These deforested places are harsh; trees really do modulate our environment. Here in Florida, there is a fierce vigor and a prolific quality to the trees. Mangroves both cover and protect the shoreline; the strangler fig creates wonderful forms as it literally outgrows and shades (not strangles) the tree it climbs. The oranges tree’s branches nearly break with the weight of its fruit.”
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