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Blue Balcony
Court Wires
Damas 3
Moon Street
Solo Cupbearer
House on the Hill
Blue Cafe Seat
Lala's Boudoir
Top Floor
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Kevin Jackson Paintings
Kevin Jackson was born and educated in the UK. Jackson exhibits his work in the U.K. and in galleries around the world and has undertaken a range of commissioned works for corporations, public areas and private clients. He has a Masters Degree from Chelsea School of Art, London, and worked as lecturer, fine art printer, and engraver, before devoting his time to working in the studio. In a creative collaboration with Syrian born artist Rima Farah from 1982 - 1999; Farah and Jackson paintings and limited edition prints were exhibited in Japan, Singapore, Europe, North America, and throughout the Middle East. Jackson's work is represented in Royal, National Museum, corporate and private collections.
M.A. Chelsea School of Art 1976
Selected Commissions/collections:
Beylon plc.
Commercial Bank of Kuwait:
Riffa Golf and Country Club, Bahrain:
Starwood. Millennium Calendar:
Wine Arts Limited (The Bordeaux Collection and Italian Collection;Tuscany)
Single Exhibitions:
2003 Bait Muzna Gallery, Muscat, Oman :
2000 'Lagos'. Lagos, Nigeria:
1997 & 1993 Aphrodie. Izmir, Turkey:
1996 Green Art. Dubai, U.A.E. :
1996 Galeri Oda. Istanbul, Turkey:
1995 Gallerie 50 x 70. Beirut, Lebanon :
1995 Gallerie Atassi. 'Print Retrospective' Damascus, Syria:
1994 & 1987 Private Collection. Bahrain:
1992 Alef Gallery. Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt:
1992 Inma Gallery of Fine Art. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia :
1991 Plum Gallery. Tokyo, Japan :
1991 Tanjer Flandria Art Gallery. Tangiers, Morocco :
1990 Majlis Gallery. Dubai, U.A.E. :
1989 & 1987 Sultan Gallery. Kuwait :
1986 Gallery Butchoan. Amman, Jordan :
1986 Van Wagner. Ankara, Turkey :
1985 Heritage Gallery. Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia :
1984 The Graffiti Gallery. London :
1981 The City University. London :
1980 Galeria Fort. Barcelona, Spain :
Group Exhibitions:
Selected Group exhibitions:

1999/2000 "Dialogue of the Present" Travelling Exhibition. Bath, Cardiff, Plymouth, Brighton, Brunei Gallery, London :
1996 Contemporary Art Society. London :
1994 The American College. London :
1994/5 "Forces of Change" Travelling Exhibition U.S.A. Washington D.C., Chicago, Miami, Atlanta. :
1992 Alif Gallery, Washington D.C. :
1992 Von Cranach. Cologne. :
1991 Studio 5. Seibu, Ikeburkuro, Japan :
1988/91 "It's Possible" Travelling Exhibition - U.S.A. & Europe :
1987 ICCP Geneva, Switzerland :
1986 The Bordeaux Collection. Royal Academy, London :
1986 The Mall Gallery. London :
1985 The Islamic Cultural Centre. London :
1981 2nd National Exhibition of Modern Prints; Blackpool, U.K. :
1980 Association of Printworkshops Exhibition; Edinburgh :
1979 '55 Wapping Artists'. London :
1978/9 17 British Printmakers; U.S.A. touring exhibition :
1978 Air Gallery. London :
1976 Bradford International Print Biennale :
1976 Westwood TV Open (Prize-winner), Plymouth :
Artist's Statement:
Using paint, digital processes, and traditional copperplate printing, my work uses the forms of everyday, vernacular architecture and furniture as a visual allegory of our emotions and aspirations.
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