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Hot Leaves
Judy Zoom
Spring Butterfly
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Kelsey Webb Photography
Photography has been with me from a very early age. My Grandmother had these old low-tech contact printing frames that people used to use back in the days when it was common for negatives to be the size of small prints. You held the glass, negative and paper sandwich under a light bulb and counted. If your timing was on you'd get an acceptable black and white print after running the paper through those three messy chemicals. I progressed from there.
Self taught.
Artist's Statement:
My photography work is mainly based on formal concerns of colour and composition. To achieve these goals I've never felt the need to restrain myself from taking advantage of every possible technique, lens, hardware gimmick, chemical or film emulsion that would allow me to accomplish whatever result, from snap-shots to abstractions, that I was striving for. Lately though, now that so much is available digitally to so many, with sometimes little effort involved; I find myself sticking mainly to old techniques that fewer people knew and are probably fast becoming forgotten.
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