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Kaya Hoang Applied Art
Design UK - Max Fraser, book launch in mid May 2003: "the minimal, visual clarity of form in kaya's work lends her pieces a sculptural quality that could easily equip them as 21st century ornaments.........her refined forms are derived from the beauty and purity of nature, namely fruits and flora. the seductively shaped openings of her containers mimic the moment when the shell of a seed breaks and starts to sprout providing a subtle reminder of natures influence in the formation of her metalwork...." Design Week 19 Sept 2002 page 19: " award winning silversmith artist Kaya Hoang is continuing the rise of craft - based product design. Hoang's unusual collection of pewter vessels, bowls and tableware seamlessly combines the highly skilled art of silversmithing with an innate sculptural quality that has come to define much of her work......" Evening Standard Homes and Property - Design Page Wednesday 14 August 2002 pg 27: "seductive, sensual and tactile, kaya hoang's vessels won a homes and property award last year. now the world is beating a pathway to her door discovers corinne julius......"
1998-2000 MA Silversmithing and Jewellery, Royal College of Art, London 1992-1996 BA Hons. Silversmithing and Jewellery, Sir John Cass, London
2003 The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths Fair Bursary 2003 The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths Fair Award 2002 100% Design Foundation Bursary 2002 Shell Live Entrepreneur of the year Award for South Thames London 2002 Goldsmiths Design Award, Goldsmiths Hall, London 2001 Evening Standard Interior Product Award, Chelsea Crafts Fair 2001 Cockpit Arts Seed Bed Award, London 2000 Royal College of Art bursary 1998 Pewter Live prize 1997 Sir John Cass Award 1997 Habitat Design Award 1996 Jerwood 1st Prize for Silversmithing 1996 Goldsmiths 1st Prize for Silversmithing 1996 British Jewellers 2nd Prize for Jewellery and Silversmithing
Group Exhibitions:
2002/3 Dazzle Royal National Theatre, London 2002 Flair Des Kunsthandwerks, HWK Munich Germany 2002 Talente 2002, Munich Germany 2002 Goldsmiths Design Awards, Goldsmiths Hall, London EC1 2002 Dazzle Glasgow, Glasgow 2001 Chelsea Crafts Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, London SW3 2001 One Year On, Business Design Centre, London N1 2001 Abstract Extracts solo exhibition, Unit 2 Gallery, London E1 2000 Class of 2000 Goldsmiths Hall, London EC1 2000 International Exhibition Marzee Gallery Nl, Holland 1999 Emerging Talents Lesley Craze Gallery, London EC1 1999 Design Award Goldsmiths Hall, London EC1 1998 Earls Court Trade Fair, Olympia Hall, London 1998 Leipzig Midora Award exhibition, Leipzig, Germany 1997 Pick of the Best Beatrice Royal Gallery, Hampshire UK 1996 Galpao Opening Exhibition, Galpao Gallery, SP Brasil 1996 Zona d Objets d Arte, Zona D Gallery, SP Brasil
Artist's Statement:
Kaya creates metal containers that blend sculpture and utility. Inspiration for design stems from her abstract drawings of nature, in particular tropical flora and fruits. Kayas pieces are seductive and tactile; form is minimal and serene, the overall effect sensually therapeutic. She applies silversmithing techniques such as forging and raising to silver, brass, steel and pewter. Her latest series is primarily in pewter, many pieces having been formed manually through a combination of metal formers and parts of the body. Her range of work includes vessels, bowls, platters and tableware. Kaya makes pieces for exhibitions, as well as to private commission.
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