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Blue Bird
Hockey Girl
Hockey Guy
Snow Jump
Sun Ray Skate
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Katharine Dickinson Paintings
In my art I work to describe the beauty and flow of the human form. The careful composition of the images represent balance not unlike one thatís needed for high performance athletes.I look for visual patterns of the body as a depiction of energy,and then use vigorous visual content to express it. Sport as a theme of art in the presented images has been created in away that relates to popular culture.
1979 - 1981 Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College, U.K. 1992 - 1994 Slade School of Art University College, London, U.K.
1985 The National Portrait Gallery London, U.K.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Speed Skating Canada 2010
Vancouver Parks & Recreation
Red Stripe Larger: Poster and Promotional material
Philips Electric: Promotional Campaign, Brochures and Posters

Select Book Covers:
Paladin: Slaughter House 5 Kurt Vonnagut;
Random House: Life Before Man, Margaret Atwood;
Sceptre: The Life Game, Nigel Watts.
Vintage: Less Than Zero, Bret Easton Ellis

Select Publishers:
Decanter Magazine front covers;The Observer, editorial Illustration;
The Financial Times, editorial Illustration
Single Exhibitions:
2000: Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver B.C.
1995: Devon Gallery Vancouver BC.
1993: Ice House Holland Park, London, U.K.
1986: Crucial Gallery London U.K.
Group Exhibitions:
2010: Richmond City Hall, Speed Skating Canada Exhibition during Olympic and Paralympic Games 2010
2009: Roundhouse Arts & Recreation Centre, Artist for The Lifelong Journey
project, Olympic & Paralympic athletes sharing their experiences.
2005: East Side Culture Crawl, 2000 Parker Street Vancouver B.C.
1999: Gallery Gachet, group show
1997: Del Bello Gallery Toronto ON, Group Exhibition, Digital Art miniatures.
1997: Water Street open Studio Vancouver B.C.
1996: Keith Alexander Gallery Vancouver B.C. solo exhibition, People Portraits
1995: Devon Gallery Vancouver BC.
1993: Ice House Holland Park, London, U.K.
1988: Lasser Gallery N.Y. U.S.A.
1987: Dean Street Gallery U.K.
1986: Crucial Gallery London U.K.
1985: Thumb Gallery London U.K.
1985: The National Portrait Gallery London U.K.
Artist's Statement:
I studied fine art at the internationally renowned Slade School of Fine Art in London. Trained in classical painting, my painting are in oil, acrylic and digital. My paintings are distinctive for their use of rich and vibrant colours. I seek to capture the emotional spirit of my subjects in the mood and expression of each painting. Currently I am exploring the use of modern tools in sports painting, using a combination of traditional and digital techniques that reflect the beauty and raw spirit of people. These techniques allow an extensive exploration of colour variations and combinations, as well as the versatility of reproducing the image on different media. The diversity of texture and brush strokes in new media techniques evoke a modern spirit that embodies contemporary art.
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