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She put the B In Bleak
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Karl Bielik Paintings
Deliberate marks, carefully selected materials and specific texts are now the new energy that lies behind these melodic layered works. Which still pays homage to the likes of Cohen, Basquait, Pessoa, Rothko, Carver and Schwitters.
Halifax College 1987-89Stockport College 1989-91
Artist's Statement:
Until recently, the random, free and independent world of lost and found objects, were the foundation of Bielik’s multilayered paintings, which offered not only simple visual puns, extracts from both dark and upbeat stories, but also celebrations of aesthetic and graphic compositions. Working on a variety of surfaces including leather, metal and velvet, these visceral, large scale, lyrical musings on daily life are tinged with initial contradictions and disassociated themes. On closer inspection the partially hidden elements reveal further possible dialogues and extracts from personal experience. Textiles, scrap, leather, car spray, Acrylics, Household paints, text, Photocopies and wax are but a few of the crew of elements which sit together with found ephemera in these vacuum- packed, refined, albeit urban paintings.
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