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Whispering Trees
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Kamal Bhandari Paintings
Kamal Bhandari is an emerging versatile Indian artist and lives in Ludhiana, just 315 km north of Indian capital of New Delhi very near to the beautiful Himalayas. Then he started making oil and watercolor reproductions which are remarkable.
Though he showed in his early chidhood extraordinary indications of fine art in art classes in his school, his involvement with art was interrupted by the career and family demands. But never the less he would keep drawing and painting anything which interested him. Whether it was wax pastel portrait of the pope John Paul II (1982)or lead portait of hijacked American Airline's brave air-hostess Neerja Bhanot(1985). Some five years back when the bug of art hit him strong he joined a local art school and had formal training for a few months in drawing and oil painting.
Artist's Statement:
It is my passion with drawing and painting which gives me immence energy to paint any subject which appeals me. I believe, "There is little choice in the matter of becoming an artist. You are driven to it whether you feel it wise or not".I feel greatly thankful to the God for giving me such a wonderful talent without which my life would have been so dull.I feel drawing and painting is like meditation and I experince timelessness and spacelessness during drawing and painting.
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