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Ash Jig Saw Puzzles
English Yew Tree Board Back Chair
Gulliver's |Chair
Yew Wooden Sinks
Inter - B Lock Chair
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Julienne Dolphin Wilding Applied Art
Eco-design hand book Author: Alastair Fuad-LukePub: Thames & HudsonDate: 2002 Page: 39/53 Title: One Tree Author: Gary Olson & Peter Toaig Pub: Merrel Date: 2001 Page:178/179 Title:1000 Chairs. Author: Charlotte & Peter FielPub: Taschen Date: 1997 Page: 589 Title: Green Design Author: Dorothy Mackenzie Pub: Laurence King Date: 1991 Page: 80/81 Title: Eco-design handbook Second Edition Author: Alastair Fuad-Luke Pub: Thames & Hudson Date: 2005
Training 1985 - 1988 Middlesex University1984 - 1985 London College of Furniture
1988 L.I.F.S. Trophy, London International Furniture Fair.
1989 Crafts Council Setting up Award.
Selected Commissions/collections:
2005 Garden design, fencing, water feature and trellis. Private commission

2004 Core Sample-Matrix Revealed-Geological Sculpture Forestry Commission High Lodge Forest Centre, Thetford Forest, UK

2003 Garden Design, Seating, Water features and Planters. Private commission

2002 'Profile of a tree trunk' 177 piece jig saw puzzleOne Tree - Exhibition Concept Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh & London

2001 Yew bridge across the haha. "Bridging the Gap Ha Ha" thanksgiving banquet. National Trust. Year of the Artist.

2001 Quartz crystal flood wall. "White Hot"Loch Lomond National Park The Centre, Glasgow

2000 Residency at Bickling Hall National Trust

1995 Staircase wall mural central display unit Dr Martens shop, Covent Garden

1994 Wall murals Dr Martens shop, Covent Garden

1993 Metal wall installation Red or Dead, Covent Garden

1992 Chairs fence and bed National Garden Festival, Gateshead

1992 Chairs Blazer PLC, London

1992 Staircase wall installation shelving units product signs Red or Dead, Kensington

1990 Eccentrics Stone Sofa & arm chair located at Whitney Park Southern Arts

1990 Stone arm chair stone sofa metal floor sculpture Oxfordshire County Southern Arts

1990 Eight chairs one bed six brushes and two shelves Gateshead National Garden Festival, Gateshead

1990 Eight chairs fence interior fittings bed Gateshead National Garden Festival, Gateshead
Single Exhibitions:
1988 0101 Gallery, London
1988 Joseph, Chelsea, London
1990 Joseph, Knightsbridge, London
1991 Winchester Gallery, (Tour 1991) uk
1991 Braughton Castle, uk
1991 Red House Museum, uk
1991 Upton Park Heritage Garden, uk
1991 Salisbury Festival, uk
1992 Splinter Gallery, London
1992 Joseph, Chelsea, London
1992 Hammersmith Gallery, London
1993 Aspectos Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
1994 Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
1994 Alejandro Sales Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
1995 Backspace Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
1996 Alejandro Sales Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
1999 Plateaux Gallery, London
1999 Rich Women of Zurich, London
2004 Fleetwood Museum, UK (Tour)
2005 Turton Tower, UK (Tour)
2005 Rossendale Museum, UK (Tour)
Group Exhibitions:
1988 Thrones, Giray gallery, London
1988 Aspects of Applied Arts, Show House Garden, London
1988 Top Office, Janet Street Porter and Din Assoc, London
1988 Edinburgh Festival, Prescote Art, Scotland
1988 Chairs, Foyer Galleries, Royal Festival Hall, London
1989 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, Jacob Javits Centre, New York
1989 The Cultivated Garden, Pullens House, Oxford, uk
1989 Art Furniture, Crucial Gallery, London
1989 Crafts Council Side Show, I.C.A. London
1989 British Design for Pentagon, Tokyo
1990 Festival Landmarks, Nation Garden Festival, Gateshead, uk
1990 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, Jacob Javits Centre, New York
1990 Furniture for the 20th, ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ Century, New York.
1990 Les Arts Del Segle xx, Ricardo Mora Gallery, Andorra
1990Diverse Cultures, Crafts Council Gallery, London
1991The Avant Garden, Barbican Centre, London
1991The Avant Garden, Edinburgh Festival, Royal Botanic Gardens, Scotland
1993 Mercat d’idees, Palau Riena, Barcelona
1993 Women in wood, Mid Pennine Arts, uk
1994 West for New Material Workshop, Tokyo
1995 Hannah Prechar Sculpture Garden, Dorking, uk
1994 Art en su Entorno, Alejandro Sales Gallery, Bacelona
1994 Out Of This World, Crafts Council Gallery, London
1995 Collage, Alejandro Sales Gallery, Barcelona
1996 Casa Décor, Barcelona
1997 Living at Belsay, Belsay Manor house, Newcastle, uk
1996 Casa Décor, Barcelona
1996 Recycling, Forms for the Next Century, Crafts Council Gallery, London
1997 Hannah Prechar Sculpture Garden, Dorking, uk
1998 Hats Off, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
1999 Stick, Winchester Gallery, uk
1999 Reclaimed-Acclaimed, Crafts Space Touring, uk
2002 One Tree, The Geffrye Museum (tour) London.
2002 Installation, Saint Pancras Chambers. London
2003 Garden sculpture, Maureen Michaelson contemporary arts. London
2004 Nature Ganz Kunst, Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe. Hamburg
2004 Collect, Maureen Michealson Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum. London
2005 [re] design Sustainable design show. London Design Festival.
2006 [re] design Sustainable design show. London Design Festival.
Artist's Statement:
All the materials used would otherwise be left for waste; they take on a new role which exploits their natural individuality and irregularity, precisely those characteristics which preclude their use in most applications. The inherent qualities and features of the materials used inspire the themes for the work.'My work has developed more specifically within environmental concerns. I use durable materials that do not break and survive the life of the product; recycled materials that have been processed then remanufactured; materials fabricated from factory production waste, and natural raw materials.I breathe new life into refuse that would have been burnt or dispatched to landfill. By preserving the quirks of nature I let the natural forms dictate the structure of the reincarnations.'
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